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Freaky...this actually happened to me this weekend!

Discussion in 'Personal' started by tigi, Feb 3, 2008.

  1. Oy, annapops - nobody's looking at me boobs 'cos your skirt is caught in your thong!
  2. OOh *pushes to the front after seeing a crowd form and wondering what all the fuss is about*

    I think this is too wierd to be a coincidence. I am of the stalker opinion too. Scary stuff.
  3. Oh ****** - I thought it was a bit parky! Hmm cellulite with goose-bumps. Not a good look. Well, I don't think whatshername is going to turn up tonight - reckon she's on the third chapter of her fantasy novel. I'm off to bed, me - might drop by tomorrow. (And I still swear I saw a purse in the crowd but someone kicked it out of the way!)
  4. gameplayer

    gameplayer New commenter

    Annapops. Were you accusing me of looking at marsad's boobs. I'm NOT that kind of girl

    Anyway never mind the stalker theory. I've just realised it's one of those scam thingys. Everyone's out at a certain place, so their places are empty. Just right for the sneak thieves to have carte blanche.

    I'm off home right now to thwart their plans
  5. *looks accusingly at NG*

    waddya mean "she who made the rhyme, did the crime..."
  6. Oi, wake up everybody. It is the big day of NEWS!!!
  7. yme


    *rubs sleep from eyes and puts kettle on - tea or coffee?*
  8. Tea please, two sugar. Cheers!
  9. Coffee for me please,no milk or sugar. Any chance of a croissant?
  10. yme


    *passes brekkies and sets out saucer for tips*

  11. Bethannie

    Bethannie New commenter

    I have given up caffeine over Lent...this thread is my adreneline fix....I need something to happen!
  12. Any news? I can't keep wearing my wet T'shirt over my head all day just to keep spaces at the front for you lot. Annapops, get your cellulite out, it's your turn - I gotta go teach!
  13. Cellulite? Whaddya mean? These perfectly toned and trim loins? Oh yeah, I forgot .. you saw. Well, I'm a bit loath to "get it out" to be honest as I'm sitting in front of a yr 11 class who are doing a timed test - don't want to put them off!
    Wonder where tigi is ...? Actually, I think the idea that it's a massive scam to get us all out of our homes so that they can be burgled is a good one... Think I'll ring the local plod to warn them.
  14. yme


    here's my theory in the mean time. It's based on remembering that my kids loved playing shops when they were small, and used to keep old store cards and the like in a purse as pretend credit cards.

    are you sitting comfortably?

    OP's OH has a bigamous marriage, left his credit cards behind at wrong house on day six years ago. Second set of kids were given cancelled cards to play with and put them in old purse.

    One day more recently bigamous wife decided it was time to get rid of OP, stalked her and dropped purse with intention of driving her mad with curiousity and suspicion, leading to her dumping OH and letting bigamous wife be sole wife.

    *note to self: watch less scifi*
  15. Oooooh, I like this idea, yme.
  16. yme


    meant to add - sorry Tigi, no offence intended ;-)
  17. Morning all! I was watching the crowd and waiting for news last night but couldn't reach the nibbles, and my kids were around so no chance of flashing for a front row seat!

    I've got no supply today so am starting half term early and will gladly wait around for Tigi if you guys are all busy.

    *loubs staggers in with a thermos of tea and several packets of chocolate hobnobs*
  18. Aw thanks Loubs - save my place for me would you? (And,btw, when marsad gets back could you warn her that the police are getting a bit edgy about the size of the crowd so might be putting in an appearance. M. might want to pull her t.shirt down!)
  19. oi, can you get off me? It's me under this pile of blankets.

    Been here all night, but no sign of tigi.

    ooh, louboutin, chocolate hobnobs.

    I love your theory yme. Sounds completely feasible to me. You *are* clever.
  20. Agh, sorry TeddyB, didn't see you there. Blimey, an allnighter? That's dedication!

    Annapops, place saved and I'll pass on that message if the t-shirt is lifted again.

    *settles back down avoiding any other lumpy blankets and offers TeddyB a hobnob*

    Come on Tigi, only you can let us know if yme has got it right!

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