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Freaky...this actually happened to me this weekend!

Discussion in 'Personal' started by tigi, Feb 3, 2008.

  1. Look tigi, there's quite a crowd gathering now, we're running out of nibbles and there's standing room only.

    Tell us what is going on, will you, please?
  2. Can everybody please stop shoving!
  3. er... excuse ME!
  4. *passes more nibbles along above the heads of the crowd*

  5. Yes well that was my foot actually and I've got very sensitive toes - hey is that a purse!!!??
  6. Squeeze me..... any room at the front for a little 'un?
  7. I think tigi was testing out a draft plot of an episode of Torchwood.

    The purse is owned by Captain Jack's addled old aunt Sybil who collects random human artefacts like some intergalactic, interdimensional kleptomaniac.
  8. Yes! Now you can understand how painful it is ...
  9. ~Passes maltesers round as a distraction so she can nick a seat~
  10. Thanks but that's only 11 calories so now I don't feel naughty at all!
    (Flashes boobs)
    Feel better now!
  11. gameplayer

    gameplayer New commenter

    I realise there's no room for newcomers in here so can I just wait outside and listen on the loud speakers.

    Let me know when Tigi arrives

    (brought my own sandwiches)
  12. *Enters the overcrowded space, breaks wind whilst people are eating their hobnobs, blames it on Rosie and leaves*

    I have such a full life.
  13. well,actually there's room next to marsad - once she started flashing, the people next to her scarpered. (Fancy sharing your sandwiches? Maltesers are ok but not very filling..... Where the hell is tigi?)
  14. kimmybob

    kimmybob New commenter

    tigi will come back. Ive spoken to her LOADS ... ( she is a prospective student teacher!!! ) and she usually responds during the day :)

    Even so Tigi... I await more on this story :D


  15. yme


    while we're waiting - I forgot to watch torchwood yesterday so had to watch the junior version tonight. Could someone please describe the dirty bits in great detail so I know what I missed?

    *passes leftover cheese and onion crisps around*
  16. gameplayer

    gameplayer New commenter

    Made it in next to marsad. Annapops Would you like the cheese and pickle sarny or peanut butter and honey?
  17. hmmm- LOOK at me when you're speaking to me. Why d'you keep peering at marsad? Oh well - thank you kindly, I'll have a cheese & pickle if you don't mind. (Think it's gonna be a long night..)
  18. Oh ****** this - I'm off to watch the new version of thingy now. Give me a shout when (IF) tigi turns up. Ta for the sandwiches ...
  19. Nice boobs, Marsad! =) I need to rest after all this waiting. And my feet are aching from all the people tripping on them. I hope that tomorrow brings some news. Anyway, somebody can have my seat (for now).

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