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Freaky...this actually happened to me this weekend!

Discussion in 'Personal' started by tigi, Feb 3, 2008.

  1. Thieves don't keep cards once they've been cancelled!
  2. am I the only one wondering why the OP has gone quiet?
  3. That, kit hill, together with the fact tigi found it before anyone else in a busy London suburb (meaning it must have only just been dropped), is what led me to think there's something fishy here.

    rose - I was thinking Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson...
  4. well I've hotlisted this ; it's the most intriguing story I've heard for a while. hope we find out more!
  5. mancminx

    mancminx New commenter

    hmm, but she is a regular poster so why would she make this up?
  6. I don't think it is made up as I know she is not a troll/sock, but I am intrigued to know more as it sounds very very odd for all the reasons stated earlier. More than anything it is a little worrying, particularly that they have been carried around in a woman's purse, in an isolated state, for 6 years! Oh well, I am sure we will find out more.
  7. Aaaargh, fingerprints, you could have handed it in and they scan the cards, could have been part of a terror cell or something. Especially as they were in a purse which must have been in tact, so obviously they were still being used somehow.

    Very freaky though
  8. nothing yet?
  9. andromache

    andromache New commenter

    rosie! haven't seen you for ages. how the devil are you?
  10. marshypops

    marshypops New commenter

    It was a stalker, tigi and her husband are now dead :0

    Dr Watson isn't available to help, he's been sent to bed...

    No he's not been a naughty boy either!
  11. andromache! you posted 2 minutes after me and now 24 hours have lapsed...

    I am fine; have had a rough patch but think I'm coming through the other side. hope all is well with you and the fair Hector:)
  12. Why would you put it in your suitcase and not your handbag?
    Much easier than faffing about opening a suitcase.
  13. Oooooh this is exciting! I feel like a detective... I can see some sort of film emerging from this....

    Where has tigi gone? We MUST know what happened!

    *jumps up and down excitdedly* :)
  14. yme


    *sits down on sofa and waits for update*
  15. *joins yme and profers a wine gum*
  16. Seriously, I think you should report this. This sounds very fishy and looks like your hubby has a stalker. I mean, 6 year old not working credit cards, taxi company from home town, business card from old college friend - somebody has been following your hubby for a long time. I would be really careful. It sounds like a "oh what a wicked story to tell" but you need to get your head together now and please do something about it. This is not right!
  17. But how random that it was her that found it...???
  18. up

    Being the nosey person I am, I want to know what happened.

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