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Foundation stage unit

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by wilkinson252, Jun 15, 2011.

  1. Hi

    I am starting up a foundation stage unit in September and I need advice! Basically I have 15 children altogether in my unit of nursery and reception and they are all full time. I have two classrooms. Now, I have read a lot of people have two bases, one for nursery and one for reception, but do you have to do this. I wanted to have one classroom as a role play room and sand/water etc plus it has access to outdoors and the other classroom I wanted as the other continuous provision but my head as said I can't do that as Nursery and Reception have to spend over 50% of their time apart. But this is daft as I only have 4 nursery children and it is just me and a nursery nurse. I have been told to have one classroom with all the continuous provision areas in and the other classroom exactly the same, so basically setting up twice in each classroom linked to one topic. This to me is a little ridiculous. Could I have some support on this matter please and advice as I am so confused.

  2. I agree. Whats the point in having a unit if you are doubling up on provision? Where did your head get the 50% time apart from? Mine certainly don't. We split N and R for carpet time, and then for focussed activities relevant to their stage of development. But when they are choosing, they can play with/alongside anyone they want!

  3. sadika

    sadika New commenter

    We do as above ... would love to have just 15 children - we have 45 Reception and 26 nursery "molucles" !!!!
  4. Thanks to you both, you have certainly raised my spirits again! That is exactly what I was going to do regarding group time, I was going to base it on development and ability rather than saying 'because he is in Nursery he has to be in that group' this works really well when doing phonic time especially. I am so glad you have emailed me that as it confirms in my head that I am on the right tracks. I felt positive with the fact that I have two classrooms with a small number of children in the unit, so I thought what a great opportunity it would be to have a bigger than usual role play area.
  5. I think you are in the right track with setting the two classrooms differently. It would be good to create a quietish area for listening readers etc, where you are not seated at the through fare.
    I have worked in the early years unit for last three years. It is good to create clear areas and teach children to use the classroom properly. Establish classroom rules clearly as otherwise you'll have lots to tidy up. The younger children will need different environment at times and you will need to separate the group for some activities. We have had some nursry children reading quite fluently by the end of the nursery as they were ready and equally we have had reception children working with the phase 1 phonics.

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