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Foundation stage planning

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by littlemy2, Sep 9, 2007.

  1. I am hoping someone can help me! I am a ks2 trained teacher who has been teaching year 1 for the past few years. this year I have a new head who wants me to continue the foundation stage wiht my year 1's as theu haven't all achieved the ELGs. I have had no experience of planning in this way and would really appreciate some advice! My topic is Toys and I have found a fab topic web but am struggling with creating weekly plans form this. I know this is a sill questions but are learning intentions the same as the stepping stones and ELGs?
  2. Help anyone?
  3. Early Learning Goals are the objectives that children at the end of Reception should hopefully be achieving. Stepping stones are the smaller steps children take to achieving those early learning goals. I tend to use the stepping stones as a basis for differentiation of my lower and middle groups, with the higher children working on or very close to the ELG's. So in a way the stepping stones and ELG's are kind of like a learning intentions. I take the ELG and think about what it entails, e.g. Forming good relaionships with adults and peers - my objective at the beginning of Reception might be for children to get to know and talk to other children and adults in the class. I hope this is clear as I think I've rambled on a bit...
  4. thanks that has definitely helped. I guess where I am also struggling is planning constructive play that is linked to my topic! I am fine linking lit and num activities but am baffled by that! Just can't get my head round it at all!
  5. Just tagging on the end of this message as it has to do with what I'm muddled about. Read lots on here but still haven't found an answer, every time I think I understand it, I read something else which confuses me even more!

    I am moving to EYFS in a few days and after a very long trip in America, I am tired and trying to get my head around the EYFS having never experienced this before.

    Please correct me and guide me... but from what I know I am to plan from the 'Practice Guidance for the EYFS' and use the bullet points in each area of learning (CD, CLL PSRN etc) to plan from like 'objectives'. I have reception so am I right in thinking alot of my objectives will be the BOLD type bullet points? Is this what ELG's are?

    I then found a long term plan in the resources section on here but as I looked, it said....
    Topic 'Ourselves'
    Then for PSE it had written next to it the ELG's 7, 8 , 12, 5 are covered. Can anyone tell me what these numbers mean please? Where did they come from?

    Thanks for anyone who can help clear this up for me :)

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