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Forums feedback update

Discussion in 'Welcome lounge and forum help' started by TES_Community, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. TES_Community

    TES_Community Administrator

    Finding forums is difficult and too many clicks

    The new navigation menus were introduced to reflect the fact that user generated content will be as relevant and prolific as the TES groups. Therefore they are grouped under search categories (e.g. Workplace) rather than a list of all groups or forums. However we acknowledge that the new structure means that some TES groups are difficult to find. We are reviewing these menus/categories to ensure all TES content is easily found.

    In the meantime here are direct links to the key forums people have been struggling to find:

    Supply teachers (changed to Supply teaching)

    Workplace dilemmas


    Mixed age

    A full list of forums can be found by clicking on "Where are the TES Forums" or via www.tes.co.uk/tesforums

    We also acknowledge that you feel there are too many clicks to get to the forums. We are looking at adding the forums to the hotlist as before.

    Hotlist last post viewed

    We will be releasing a fix which will take you to the last page you viewed.

    Don't forget there's the email digest option. Click on the envelope at the top of the forum and choose either daily or weekly. You'll never miss a thing posted in your favourite forum as long as:

    1. Your email address is up to date on our site (click your username, click account)
    2. You don't treat our email as spam

    NB: On the right side, your hotlist will hold a maximum of 100 topics. If you have more than 100, click “manage my hotlist” to see them all.

    Last post by

    We are looking to add the last post details underneath who started the topic as before.

    Last post in a topic is a blank page - bug

    If posts by a user are marked hidden it can result in the last page of a thread appearing blank. We are working on a fix for this. In the meantime, add the topic to your hotlist. You will be able to click on the last post .

    Finding all my posts

    You will see all posts listed on your activity page. Go to your profile and this is the default. This is a good way to see what other users are interested in and what groups they are a member of too.

    Tag search

    If you click on any tag it brings up a list of posts that contain that tag. If you type the phrase in the search box the results will include any posts that contain that tag along with any other content on the site that also contains the word or phrase. Currently there are no plans to allow you to filter by tags once you have searched.

    Back to topics link

    Click on the forum link at the top of the page (press home key to get there quickly) or use back on your browser.

    Number of posts per thread

    There are now 20 posts per topic/thread. Request made to reduce this back to 10 to cut down on scrolling.

    Quote bug

    When multi-quoting, each one goes to the top of the screen. This is an issue with IE only. It is on our list to fix.

    Top of page link does not go to the top of the page

    Yes, it's annoying that the top of page button only takes you to the top of the posts and not to the point where you can navigate away without more scrolling. This is on our list of updates to fix. In the meantime, press the home key on your keyboard then click Forum.

    Page width / spacing of posts

    We agree that the layout of the posts could be condensed to reduce the amount of scrolling required. In the meantime, you can use the up and down arrows or page up page down instead of scrolling.

    Page numbers navigation

    We agree that it should jump 5 pages at a time and it is on our development list.

    Post numbers

    This facility is no longer available.

    Images / picture insertion issues

    Make sure you are using the add picture icon instead of copying and pasting. If you are having problems, please email the image to community@tes.co.uk and we’ll investigate further.

    Smiley/emoticon missing

    The party smiley is not working. This fault has been reported.

    Rich text formatting by default

    Quick post was something we introduced to make posting quicker and easier. Previously, in order to post, you had to leave the thread (it opened a new window) but now you have the option of quick posting within the thread to allow you to see all previous posts. When using rich text formatting, you are forced onto a new page. This cannot be changed for performance reasons - it would slow the site down.

    Font size & colour too feint

    We have made changes to the style of the boxes which makes the font easier to see. If you need it any bigger, you can use ctrl and scroll upwards on the mouse. The font will become bigger and darker.

    Reply in a new window

    This functionality is not available. You can open a secondary window using the shortcut Ctrl N.

    Like function - what is this for?

    We are looking at including a ‘most liked’ option in the search results.

    <h4 class="post-name threadList-details-header">Site feedback update</h4>
    <h4 class="post-name threadList-details-header">PM feedback update</h4>
    <h4 class="post-name threadList-details-header">Groups feedback update</h4>

  2. Can we have the poll option in any thread we post please? I like it but mobody sees polls in the groups.
  3. When you are the owner of a group, you can create polls. You cannot create your own polls in the TES groups.
  4. ian60

    ian60 New commenter

    After over 10 years use of the TES website, I am finding it less and less likely that I will refer to it.

    I know I will sound like a dinosaur, but I just don't like it.

    As a rule I will use Overseas/Maths/Personal, but when I click on any of them I have to make further clicks to find out what are the current (not most popular) topics.

    And, frankly, the new homepage is awful.

    I used to refer to one of the forums at least 4 times a day, but now it is probably about once a day.

    I want to stay a TES user, but too many clicks to find what I want to find, and I have no real idea why I am showed the other stuff before I get to where I want.

    Does that make sense?

    As I have stated, I have been using the TES forums for 10+ years and I have found them amazingly useful on so many fronts. But this last change was **** from this users point of view.

    I really hope your will change back.

  5. inthered

    inthered Occasional commenter

    Has there been a check on how (or whether, I should say) much traffic on the discussion boards has diminished? I used to use it all the time, as others have mentioned, but now can only be bothered with the Scottish opinion forum. I used to get a lot of information too, but it seems there are far fewer people posting, so a less rich and diverse set of ideas. I would like to see the 'last post' dates back too. I don't have time to go into forums I've already read through just to see if there's anything new. Too many clicks, too difficult to find things, you need to log in to look at discussion... The list goes on. Please do something before everyone previously active with good ideas deserts the ship!
  6. Hello Ian

    Thanks for your feedback.

    The new Community homepage does not link just to TES forums, but includes blogs and groups as well as user generated content. We created the TES forums page www.tes.co.uk/tesforums with a button on the right "Where are the TES forums" if you just want to go to the forums directly.

    When logged in, you will automatically find yourself a member of the corresponding group if you have posted in a forum in the past. Click "My groups" then click on "Member". Click on the group you want then click on Forum to get to the forum where you will find the familiar list of topics. You can add any group to your hotlist as well. Click on the hotlist (flame icon) to do that.

    If you add your favourite groups to your hotlist, you'll also be able to get to the forums where you will see the full list of topics as you always have in the past. Click on the group, click the flame icon at the top to add to your hotlist. Click on the sub link "Forum" to get to the forum. I have already added your 3 favourite forums to your hotlist. Over on the right in the green box, hotlist, groups.

    The topics are listed as before with the threads/topics with the most recent activity at the top. When you are logged in you will see unread topics in a forum are coloured green and when you click on one, it will turn black. When someone else adds to a topic, it will go green again. The group homepage (click HOME) will give you a summary of recent activity as well where you can go directly to the most recent post.

    If you click on your username at the top then "Profile", you will see your own activity, groups, friends, hotlist and resources all in one place.

    <h4 class="post-name with-summary">New community handy hints</h4>
  7. Look - Bev - this will sound like heretical Luddite moaning, but whilst I assume a lot of money has been spent on redoing this site, it is unutterably DREADful, a shambles, a disaster. Tinkering with it over the next few weeks and MONTHS (!!) won't fix it. It has to be thrown in the bin. It takes a very brave person to stand up and say "sorry, it's a balls-up, we (I?) got it wrong, it wasn't broke so didn't need fixing, we'll go back to the old format." But that is what you need to do. If all former or formerly prolific users of the old forum could read this, they'd likely agree with me. The list of topics within each subject used to appear virtually as soon as you logged on. Now what do you get? A shortish list of the last few posts on anything. Whose idea was THAT? I doubt I will get involved with the site much now. I'll echo inthered's last comment: by how much has forum use declined since the change?
  8. This morning, when I pasted some text from elsewhere into my post, and then tried to add further comments underneath the pasted text, my new comment would not appear under the pasted block but kept appearing above it, making nonsense of the post. What's more, when I submitted, the pasted text overan the box and parts of it disappeared off the edge.

    In the end I had to click edit and type in the content of the pasted text directly into my post in order for it to behave (luckily it wasn't too long).

    This didn't used to happen!
  9. Hi

    I have just tested this using the quick post option (IE8). Highlighted text from your post above, pasted it into the box then pressed return and typed my text. Could you give that a try? Are you using a PC? If so, which browser? You could have problems if using a pad or phone.

    pasted some text

    pasted text like this?

  10. Well, I was using rich formatting so that I would be able to quote from the post I was replying to. I'll try now with quick reply, pasting from the source I was using then I'll add something 'underneath' :

    ? Is it replicable across the broad range of settings and schools?

    ? Can it be resourced and sustained at reasonable cost?

    ? Whatknowledge,skillsand understanding are needed by practitioners, teachers and others who are responsible for securing it?

    Now adding.
  11. Yes, it worked. Trying now with rich formatting:

    &bull; Is it replicable across the broad range of settings and schools?

    &bull; Can it be resourced and sustained at reasonable cost?

    &bull; Whatknowledge,skillsand understanding are needed by practitioners, teachers and others who are responsible for securing it?

    Working this time?

    Well, it carried on down the page but wouldn't go back to the original font! Stranger than ever!

    Let's see what happens when I post.


  12. It went off the edge as before, when posted.

    I am using an IPad and Safari. I tried Dolphin for a bit but it was no different. As people use mobile devices so much it would be a good idea to solve glitches like this, even if they only affect pads and phones.
  13. Aber1991

    Aber1991 New commenter

    Please bring back the old site.

    I do not want to join a group. Nor do I want to own a group. I do not want to generate a poll. I do not want to use any of the weird and wonderful facilities which this new site allegedly offers.

    I want a site which is easy to navigate and where it is easy to follow a discussion and re-join any discussion when one wishes to do so - and to do so easily and quickly.

    This site reminds me of a newly built school - which was an architect's delight and a teacher's nightmare. This site might be a source of pride to the person who designed it but it is a User's nightmare. Indeed, I suspect that the person who designed this site has never been the user of an internet forum. Or, perhaps, he set out to design the most unfriendly site in the history of the internet.
  14. If you want to quote only part of a post, highlight the text first then click quote. I think you are putting your cursor after or before a hidden html coding or deleting it without knowing it.

    Although the TES website works with many mobile platforms, there may be instances when you are unable to use it to full capacity depending on your device and settings.

    We are continually working to improve our service on the most popular mobile phones / platforms and have logged your issue with our operations team. We will review the issue and if possible resolve in the near future.

  15. You do not have to join a group, you should automatically be a member of any forum you used to post on before the change.

    I recommend the following:

    1) Make www.tes.co.uk/forums your starting point and click on a forum you want to access. Make sure you are logged in.

    2) If you haven't already, add your favourite groups to your hotlist. You can also click "my groups" then click member and you will see all the groups you are a member of.

    3) When new content is added to a group in your hotlist, you will see how many NEW there are.

    4) When you click on the group you are taken to the group's homepage where you will see all the latest posts. When you click on these, you are taken directly to that specific post.

    5) Click Forum to see a normal list of topics as before. Green text indicates a topic you have not opened or that has new content since you last looked. Black text indicates you have already looked at it and there is nothing new added.

  16. the quote was from a document accessed elsewhere on the Internet, it was not a quote from another post on here. I only mentioned quoting from another post to explain why I was using rich formatting. I'm OK with quoting from other posts.
  17. In that case, it is possible when you copied from another source, you picked up a hidden code. Try using quick post instead. If you want to add some formatting afterwards, you can do so by then clicking use rich formatting.
  18. [​IMG]Ok thank you. I've just done that on another post.
  19. star9

    star9 New commenter

    So when are you going to add last post details? It is really useful when scrolling through with limited time. I know you said that posts I have read go black but that is only when I am logged in. If I log out and then back everything goes green again. If we can see the details and time of the last post we can stop scrolling through posts looking for up dates. This is REALLY important.

    Also, why do I have to keep joining groups in order to be able to post? I know it's so that you can keep track on people but is it really necessary? I haven't posted in some forums because I can not be bothered to. I'm sorry but I have more important things to do!

    Having add to hotlist at the top of the thread is a pain as I am normally at the bottom when I think about adding a thread to my hotlist. Again time wasted.

    I don't come on very often now as it is so much more difficult to navigate and post and hotlist etc so everything takes so much longer. I just want to pop in, check things and then leave.

    Thanks for your attention.
  20. JumpingStarfish

    JumpingStarfish New commenter

    I am 28 years old, good with technology and love it when websites change with the times. I really like the 'like' button (although it doesn't seem to do a great deal - it doesn't show others that you have liked it as far as I can tell). However, I really, really, REALLY do not like this update. It makes the boards difficult to navigate, nearly impossible to follow threads and is just generally too cluttered and there is to much going on. And, like mentioned previously, the number of responses to posts seems to be diminishing due to people not liking the new layout. All in all, a big thumbs down!

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