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Forthcoming SEF replacements

Discussion in 'Headteachers' started by Jdizzle, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. Following on from my earlier posts about how Self Evaluation, now without structure or form, (i.e. the SEF) will continue and is extremely necessary - I have found an initial template released by the ASCL, following pleas from their members, for guidance on how to self evaluate.
    Now I don't believe that everybody is as lost as these apparent masses are however I thought that this may be a useful area to compile links through to all of the 3rd party unofficial SEF replacement templates that are going to be springing up over the coming months.
    I'll start by posting a link to the ASCL "SEF replacement"
    I've not really had a chance to read through it yet however will come back with an opinion in the not too distant future.

    Please feel free to contribute yours
  2. anon2799

    anon2799 New commenter

    Nothing from bluewaveswift?[​IMG]
  3. Well I have used Bluewave Swift for what I have currently have put together but they don't their own templates to replace the SEF, they have however promised me they will provide me any replacement that is released free of charge.
    This process actually would be really helpful to see what everybody else has found from their own searches, or been provided from their LEAs, and would be constructive for all to share their resources. That being one of the major functions of the TES forum, is it not?
    It does seem though that I am quite well known for my advocation of Bluewave Swift, but would an advocate of any other software not be guilty of the same misdemeanour, if they thought it may benefit others.
  4. anon2799

    anon2799 New commenter

    Just teasing you, couldn't resist!
  5. Has anyone got any further with simplifying a SEF please? The old format seems really redundant now. I have kept it in word format and updated it. Anyone brave enough not to have one at all? I do think the school action plan should be enough surely.
  6. I agree and in fact I've more head way on structuring my SIP around the four headings provided than I have in atttempting to revamp my SEF. The old one will have to make do until more guidance is provided in January, but if anyone does get any further advice please do share.
  7. Hope you don't mind me asking but are you connected in anyway with Angel Solutions? Your comment looks to be very focussed on Angel as opposed to the challenges facing schools.
  8. My snitch at Ofsted tells me that Miriam Rosen who is acting Boss after Christine Gilbert has been asked to carry on as acting Chief until the end of the year at least is having a meeting with the chap at ASCL who has developed their son of SEF with a view to possibly suggesting to schools they have a good look at it.

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