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Formula feeding when out and about

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by ilovetheweekend, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. I FF my LO (11 wks old) and was wondering what everyone does when they are out and about with their LO? I've seen alot of different ways and im just not sure of the best way of doing it.
  2. I FF my LO (11 wks old) and was wondering what everyone does when they are out and about with their LO? I've seen alot of different ways and im just not sure of the best way of doing it.
  3. I was one of those people who, against the guidelines, made up all my bottles the night before (just boiled water and formula) and put them in the fridge. So I just used to take a bottle with me and warm it up when out. I found the Tommee Tippee bottle warmer brilliant as my LO wouldn't take it cold (it's like a thermos flask with a beaker). Also, my LO didn't like carton milk, only powder!
    As the weather got warmer, and my LO didn't mind temperature anymore (I think she was about 6 months) I took powder and water separately and added it at the last minute, that's what I do now. To be honest, I don't think it matters either way as long as your water was boiled and your bottles are very clean/ sterile (I have stopped sterilising now at nearly 9 months as LO is crawling and eating all kinds of dirt!).
  4. kittenmittens

    kittenmittens New commenter

    My LO is 8 months and I have always used the little cartons when out and about. I carried a pair of sterilised Tomme Tippee nail scissors wrapped in clean kitchen roll and a sterilised, sealed bottle and decanted the carton ready to feed. The mini cartons are expensive but worth it for me as they're sterile and so easy to use. We also took them on holiday and used them for night feeds when LO is tiny. Now she only has bottles first thing in the morning and at bedtime, so I just use powder.
    Other people I know have used a thermos of hot water and added milk powder from a dispenser then cooled the bottle in a tall container, or used room temp water in a bottle and added powder, however this isn't recommended as the water needs to be 70 degrees to kill bacteria. Plenty of mums do it with no problems though.
  5. kittenmittens

    kittenmittens New commenter

    I also make up my bottles to use at home in advance, and store in the fridge for 24 hours- have done since LO was about 2 weeks old, as it was such a faff making up bottles as we went along. I think it's fine.
  6. Hello. I've made bottles a couple of ways and have had no problems. I was breast feeding mainly but FF when out and about. At first I used to pour the correct amount of boiled water in to the bottle and put them in the tommee tippee thermos bags and then added powder when he wanted a bottle. I did this for the first couple of months but hen read on here I think the potential problems in adding powder to cool water. So then I changed to carrying a flask of boiling water and powder in a little pot, making bottles as he needed them. This is how I make the bottles he has now. Like ladybug my little man wil not drink premade cartons only powder! I think my problem was no-one had actually told me how to make bottles as my midwives and health visitors were only concerned with breast feeding. Hope that helps x
  7. At the moment im making up bottles in advance (following WHO guidelines) and storing in fridge and when out for only a few hours I take one of these bottles in a tommee tippee black insulated bag and warm using the TT flask that you use. If we're out for longer than 2 hours then I use cartons and warm up in tt flask and my LO also won't take room temp milk. It just feels like a real faff though. The other day I saw a mummy just add pre measured powder (have some of those pots and they are great) to a bottle of water, shake and serve. So when do you add water to the sterile bottle, do you add it as soon as boiled and seal and cool on the side or do you leave to cool for 30 mins before putting into the bottles. How long does this keep for and if water is nt used I assume you need to steralize the bottles again?
    Thank you x

  8. I have always put boiled water into the bottles, then left them to cool. I just add the formula when I need to. I have read several times that you are supposed to add the formula to boiling water, but I have never done this and 'touchwood' have never had a problem with doing it this way. I tend to sterilise the bottles in the morning, then add boiling water straight away, then leave them to cool. So if I go out, I just have to put the bottles in the bag and put some formula in a powder dispenser, so as you said I just put the formula in, shake and it's done. I have a little box from Mothercare that is supposed to be for keeping dummies in, but I use that to keep the teats sterile in the changing bag, then just use them when needed.
    It also helps that my LO isn't that fussy about the temperature that he has his milk, although he won't take it really cold, so I never put the water in the fridge, just leave it to cool on the side.
    Hope that helps!x
  9. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    I sterilise the bottles, and add boiling water from the kettle that i've let cool down a bit. I have a little dispenser for the formula powder and i just add as and when required. Easy! My daughter is quite happy to have her milk at room temperature. I did exactly the same with my son - he's 2 now and he was always fine.
  10. hhhh

    hhhh Lead commenter

    The official guidance is as they say, boiled with powder BUT I know many nurseries prep in advance-the official NVQ nursery nursing book I had for a 2009 course still recommended this. It is true that there could be some probs, but in all honesty not heard of one in all the people I know who made in advance, and let's face it when I breastfed at first I didn't sterilise my bras, in theory my boobs could have had bacteria on them...
    Other options, try different milk brands he may prefer other cartons
    Take measured powder milk, for this example let's say he has 8 oz bottles so 8 scoops powder per section(you can get em from Boots, Mothercare, homebargainsetc), 4 oz measured boiled water in a flask, and 4 oz cooled preboiled water, and mix them.
    Again, the official advice from many is as all ops say, but this is what many mums do.
    And not that I would recommend this but some of the families I have worked with on the intervention team just scoop a handful of powder into a bootle with tap water. I know the HV spoke to them about this but the woman's reaction was all her others were fine! So the fact you are even asking this shows how lucky your lo is to have a caring mum
  11. kittenmittens

    kittenmittens New commenter

    The lady next to me in the maternity ward said with her first baby, she used to make up her bottles in advance and store them on the windowsill all day, ie not in the fridge, and said her LO was never ill! I would never do this but there are people who don't follow the guidelines at all.

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