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Formal grievance hearing in 2 weeks

Discussion in 'Personal' started by standingup4myself, Jan 5, 2008.

  1. I have filed a formal grievance with the support of my union. I know I am doing the right thing, but I am still scared about returning to work now that they will know. Any words of advice???! Thanks
  2. I have filed a formal grievance with the support of my union. I know I am doing the right thing, but I am still scared about returning to work now that they will know. Any words of advice???! Thanks
  3. jog_on

    jog_on New commenter

    Just do what your user name says and don't let anyone get a rise from you!

    Just keep calm (easier said than done I know)...don't do anything silly!

  4. I really feel for you. I went through this just before Christmas. It's still going on too.

    All I can say is - try to keep calm and strong and stay focussed and don't let them try to knock your confidence. Don't expect an immediate solution either....I thought it would have all been over and done with by Christmas but it looks like it's only the beginning.

    There maybe times when you just want to cry and walk out - but you wont. Stay firm.

    Also - make sure you know who you can trust 100%

    Good luck. x
  5. happyhopey

    happyhopey New commenter

    Good luck OP and you kt, I know you've been through a difficult time.

    I understand what you are going through and wish I had the corage to do it a few years ago
  6. Thank you for your messages of support. I wish there was a better system in place for dealing with grievances. They don't seem to be very successful. KT-how far down the route are you? They are trying to isolate me, and make it look like it is all my fault. Thankfully I have some strong friends who are supporting me.
  7. Be strong and stick with it. If more of us did this then it would happen less often. Good luck and don't let the b*stards get you down!
  8. Anybody says anything, you know "slings and arrows" - just quietly write it down and then give them the biggest, sh*t-eating grin you can...

    Whatever happens in the end, you've taken action. You've done your part to set things right. In a tribunal, that counts for a LOT!
  9. I agree, write it all down, dates the lot, this is after all guidance given when dealing with issues surrounding some students.

  10. I have details and evidence from over a year. My grievance was written by a solicitor, as I want to make sure that I do everything correctly.
  11. Keep track of all new evidence, as it may well be h*ll for you prior to going in. Mind, they will be stupid if they do make it hard, because it'll only add more evidence against them, which you CAN bring up in the grievance hearing to demonstrate lack of duty of care, continuing issues, et. al.
  12. marshypops

    marshypops New commenter


    Stay strong, we'll be thinking of you.
  13. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    Good luck, OP. Grievances are always painful processes but get all the personal support you can from family and friends and record/report any flak you get to the person handling your grievance.
  14. I think that once I start teaching, I will be okay (I hope anyway!). He is probably fuming, but will wait until after the grievance. I don't think I'll ever really be 'safe' in that place again.

    I am going to see what happens at the grievance, as it will give me a look at the evidence. I can then decide whether to take it through the court under Protection from Harassment, or to carry on with the grievance. I think they will be careful, but I doubt I will 'win'. Thanks.
  15. DaisysLot

    DaisysLot Senior commenter

    I find it very telling that some 'big' personalities all cite similar experiences and show support for you....
    My own experience was a case of "this school isn't big enough for the both of us... me, and *your* corrupt ego"

    So add me to that support list.... :)

    You know where we are hun
  16. Who is the Investigating Officer? If it's the Chair of Governors, and if the findings go against you, and if the case eventually goes to ET, the latter should view your case more favourably as the Investigating Officer should be a completely independent person (ie an LEA officer, not a school bod), that's what an independent solicitor told me when I did my grievance (mine did not go to ET).
  17. Thankfully made it through the day. I was totally ignored by a few people, but some people went out of their way to make me feel better. I've had an e-mail from my solicitor, and she has checked over what I want to say at the grievance. She has made some suggestions to make my case stronger in case it goes to tribunal.
    The C of G only chairs it. They are advised on the legal side by the authority. Thanks.
  18. Standingup - my very, very best wishes to you, you are a brave person, and you deserve to be heard.

    Well done for getting through the day. Come on here when you can, and talk to people who KNOW how you feel.

    I wish you were not going through all this, but well done. Take all the advise that you can use, and keep strong and healthy. YOU MATTER, YOU ARE BRAVE.

    Lots of love and good luck to you.

    Thinking of you. xxx
  19. ^ advice (obviously) I hesitated to correct as I don't want to deviate from the thread, sorry for mistake.
  20. I second that Misers - Dont let the ******** get you down! As someone who knows what its like you have my upmost respect. Be brave and truth will prevail xx

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