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formal complaint to an exam board

Discussion in 'Assessment' started by performerscollective, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. Following remarks which have increased our students marks, we still feel the marks are too low. Does anyone know what happens if you make a formal complaint to an exam board? Does anything actually happen? Does anyone visit? We have never had this situation before.
  2. We appealed and took it all the way. Unfortunately, very little changed. Would you mind me asking which board and subject?
  3. Music. Edexcel AS level. At least 5 schools in local area (state and independent) have exactly the same issues. It is only one module we disagree with. Having had the remarks back we have seen marks go up but not significantly enough to alter the grade. We still feel after seeing the scripts that they have been harshly marked. Nothing in the specification has changed. How can we go from excellent results one year to awful ones the next? What does the appeal process involve? Does an examiner come in to talk to you and explain reasons for the marks? Is it remarked a third time? Igenuinely feel (as do the other teachers) at a complete and utter loss here.
  4. markuss

    markuss Occasional commenter

    You start with a "Results Enquiry" to the Awarding Body that originally marked the script. The AB should make it clear to whoever deals with the issue that it is not a "re-mark". It's a judgement on whether the original examiner had applied the mark scheme in a fair, rational and careful way.
    If you don't accept the result, then you can "Appeal" for an "independent" (i.e. not by the Body) assessment.

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