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Form tutor reports

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by muddytortoise, Dec 10, 2008.

  1. Hi everyone

    I'm trying to write my form's report comments and am coming a bit unstuck: has anyone got any nice stock phrases or additions? I'm currently doing a bit of a general personality comment, involvement in form activities, achievements and effort from subject reports and targets these raise. Am I missing anything?

    Thanks, muddy
  2. Uniform? Planner filling in? General comment about the rest of the report? Jonny is a popular member of the form. He usually arrives to form on time and in the correct uniform. There are asects of his report that are encouraging, but their are also aspects that concern me. I would hope that Jonny can bring the good habits he has shown in art and Pe into French and Maths.
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  3. mpc


    Opening sentence = Fred is a quiet and cooperative member of our tutor group.

    Attendance/punctuality = He enjoys a ...... attendance record and ... arrives at school on time.

    Uniform: The standard of his uniform is....

    School involvement: Fred participates.... in tutor group activities and also ....

    Target: Fred should now focus on...
  4. Thank you both, those are great :) something so simple, yet so difficult to word!


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