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Form time delivery of PHSEE and Citizenship guidance, please.

Discussion in 'PSHE' started by shakespearessis, Jun 24, 2013.

  1. Hi all.

    I know everyone is tired and looking forward to summer but I just wondered if anyone could help please :).

    We are moving from discreet lessons to 2-3, 15 minute slots during Form time. I would be very appreciative of any activities which are self-marking (or require minimal marking), as Form tutors already have a heavy work load in their subject specialisms. Of course, termly formative assessments will be required as per our whole school assessment policy so any ideas on this would also be much appreciated. I do have a quite simple one but would be glad of any other ideas.

    Schemes, lesson plans, ideas or simply any guidance on implementation - anything - would be most welcome, please.

    As you probably are, I am virtually a one person band so would be glad to share lesson plans and schemes that I have created based on 50 minute lessons.

    Please email me on: mchughp@msj.bolton.sch.uk

    Thanks so much in advance.

  2. j_pink

    j_pink New commenter


    I am a one-lady-team and have overhauled my school's PSHE provision. Next to be improved is form time. At least you have assessment sorted! Firstly, I would be happy for you to join my 'sharing folder' using a well known Internet cloud - which is where I store ALL my stuff so you can have a good nosey around and take whatever you like.

    Secondly, you have probably considered a thematic approach to form time centred around:

    - Value words?

    - Current Affairs?

    - A theme that changes each week? E.g. 'Conflict' (could include emotional conflict e.g. divorce, self harm, bullying)

    - 10 minute power lessons (there's an ace organisation that you can purchase these mini-lesson cards from 'The Big...something? but no need really, you could create your own)

    Apologies for poor grammar I'm tired :)

    Finally, if all else fail - why not buy them in? I've no shame in buying some of my units for next year, after all, I know what I'm looking for :)

    I'll pop you on my shared folder list!
  3. hi all this is something that I would be very interested in finding more about too as its a route that I think could work in my school with the new curriculum.

    i can also of course share some resources if needed.
  4. Hi - I am also a one lady team! and have just taken on the role as PSE co-ordinator from September. Any ideas? up to date resources? advice? sharing of good practice would be very much appreciated. my email is jade.williams@elfed-hs.flintshire.sch.uk

    Thanks so much In advance!


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