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Forfeit of pension

Discussion in 'Retirement' started by byron.w, Jun 12, 2011.

  1. My mother is 74 and retired some years ago after teaching for sixteen years. She took a 1 month break from teaching to look after her aging mother in law while at the end of a job with one LEA and before moving to a new one. She has just told me that by taking that month off, she forfeited her pension contributions that she had made before that date and that her current pension solely consists of contributions made afterwards. Can this possibly be correct? Surely forfeiture of pensions could only happen in cases of gross misconduct? I don't want to press her on it until I know a little bit more.
  2. On the face of it this seems very wrong. Contact the TPS and they will advise you. In my experience the TPS is very professionally run.
  3. No, you can have as many breaks as you like. All contributions count towards the pension no matter how long or how many breaks were taken.
    It would be best to get her to phone TPS to check that all the contributions have been recorded and she is getting the correct pension.

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