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forest school activities

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by bubblegummy, Feb 10, 2008.

  1. I am running out of ideas, could anyone share some nice activities they have done please?
  2. I am running out of ideas, could anyone share some nice activities they have done please?
  3. trinitori

    trinitori New commenter

    I'll post my forest school planning on the resource page have a few at home but more at school so if you can wait a week i'll put it all on! Also try Shropshire county council website. It has a lovely activity booklet that you can save or print.
  4. trinitori

    trinitori New commenter

  5. trinitori

    trinitori New commenter

    I laminate these sheets then give them out to the helpers/parents/group leaders
  6. Scavenger hunts, give them a piece of card with things to find and double sided sticky tape to stick on when they have found it.

    Bark rubbing is always a favourite

    I sometimes take the dressing up clothes to the woods which is fun.

    Making wish sticks, wool around sticks in different colours

    Smelly potions, water mix with mud and anything else they can find

    I will keep thinking
  7. Thanks everyone
  8. Soooo jealous! Love FS. Den making my absolute favourite - it goes on and on and on and they never get tired of it.

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