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Forensic Science

Discussion in 'Science' started by stvb2170, Jun 11, 2011.

  1. See this thread:

  2. We wanted to start a CSI theme day with yr 7 a couple of yrs ago and researched all companies etc but found it loads cheaper to just do it ourselves.
    We set up a mock crime scene and rotate the pupils around various activities to test their 'evidence' We also make 4 staff suspects. We wrote it in house and it takes quite a bit of prep but its well worth it.
    We then extended this and included a forensics topic into yr 9. The kinds of activities we do are flame tests of powders, looking at hair samples, burning fabrics, blood group testing (this requires a special kit but isnt that expensive), finger printing, Calculating time of death from maggot size, blood splatter and chromatography.
    We have a small afternoon 'taster' we do with primary schools which might be more suited to a science club activity to.
    The sheets we have made are tailored specifically to our school as we use staff butthey'd be pretty straightforward to edit.
    Let me know the kind of activity you are after in terms of length/ ability and ill email you some examples
  3. Hello,
    Please, if you don't mind, could you email me your information - I am about to start a forensics unit with my GCSE OCR Nationals.
    Your activities sound excellent.
    Email address: just_mia@hotmail.com
  4. Hi Wolfie,
    I have located some stuff from a colleague that they used to teach the forensics unit on additional applied. Not sure how useful it is as I have not taught it but I think it'll be more relevant as our scheme is aimed at KS3.
    I have attached it as a zip file and emailed it to you
    Let me know if its any good.
  5. Hi,
    Thank you very much for the info - I will have a look at it when I get the chance!
    Thanks again,
  6. Please let me know if I can be of assistance to you, my website address : http//www.fingeronthepulse.biz and I have a few short video clips on my YouTube Channel : http://www.youtube.com/jacquithompson100 - I am actually on Dragons' Den on Monday 12th September! I deliver KS2, KS3 & KS4 Forensic Science Workshops throughout the UK

    Some of these resources may give you some idea's, but equally would be happy to come into your school and deliver event, subject to availability.

    Jacqui Thompson
  7. missmunchie

    missmunchie New commenter

    I was watching one of those crime investigation documentary programmes on TV this morning about a case in England where a son killed his parents with a meat hammer. They connected him to the case because he had disposed of the bodies near a horse chestnut tree and pollen from the tree was found in the wheel arches of his car. Amazing.
    Maybe you could get pupils to look at say 5 different types of pollen grains and then ask pupils to identify one from a crime scene?
  8. Hi there,
    I am just starting a science club at our school. The pupil have requested some forensics and your suggestions sound fantastic.
    Would you be able to email the details too?
    My email is gmillard@woolmerhill.surrey.sch.uk
    Thanks so much
  9. juanman

    juanman New commenter

  10. I'd suggest you go back to the origen of all the CSI forensic stuff and have a look at some of Sherlock Holmes stories. Using a bit of story can really help get the kids interested.
    I've seen forensic type activities done in quite a few schools and like with all these things it seems to be important not to get too carried away with you can do to begin with and to work up. One had worked up a great plot of a teacher who had broken into the school to steal the SATS papers!!


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