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Forced to pay for school's Microsoft Publisher Program

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by Cheesecake01, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. Our school does not provide laptops, the assumption is that you have your own computer and therefore will use it for your school work! My laptop with Publisher on, has finally given up - All my Yr 10 and 11 Controlled Assessment is on Publisher. So I asked the IT staff to install it for me. It seems that the netbook was not bought through the school and therefore deemed as personal, so they want to charge me £50-£70. I already have a Student version of Microsoft on my netbook and only need Publisher to monitor pupils work, I personally do not need it.
    They say I can access Publisher from the schools VLE - Guess what, it doesn't work.
    My options seem to be: pay or sign my laptop over to the school so it then becomes 'schools' computer (not mine) they can then install Publisher.
    As most food tech teacher know I already pay out a lot more than I can claim back, I have already paid for my own netbook (installments) as a back-up. Could someone advise me what I legally can do - There is no money in the department so any costs will have to be paid by me.
    Grateful for any advice.
  2. for 37.99 you can get Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus which has publisher.
    www.software4students.co.uk as teaching staff you can get it

  3. bigpedro

    bigpedro New commenter

    If all you want to do is read the publisher files, you should be able to install a trial of publisher. (a google search will tell you) it will work properly for 30 days but after that it'll only open the files (no editing/print function e.t.c.)
    If all you need to do is look at the work, this is the solution i'd go for. If you are wanting to play around with the work or leave notes on it, then im afraid you'll probably have to buy it.

  4. Hey there cheeskake

    Not having used publisher for a while but from what I can remember I think it might be possible for the pupils to to export as a PDF file and then you can look at it using ADOBE PDF reader. This will mean that you will be able to look at their work and provide feedback although you wll not be able to change it. Hope this helps. Jim

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