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Forced into resignation during first term of induction

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by secretstar, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. ********"I was told during feedback that despite the fact that the head
    could see that I'd put these things in place, the children still didn't
    make progress during those 20 minutes."

    Sorry for the mis-wording, I'm not really thinking straight!
  2. Crowbob

    Crowbob Lead commenter

    Ask for this in writing and then take it to your union. Sounds bizarre to me.
  3. First, take Crowbob's advice. The whole thing stinks of budget problems to me. It just cannot be that 3 NQTs fail, out of 8 teachers altogether. Go to your union on regional level - actually, it would be lucky if all 3 of you belonged to the same union and went together. I would also speak to the LA NQT coordinator (and again, the best would be if you went together). My gut feeling would be to stick it out, but I also understand that it will be extremely stressful and you are gambling a lot. Only you know the ht - if you think it cannot be done, get out. Good luck whatever you decide; keep us posted if you can.
  4. rc07

    rc07 New commenter

    I would get out to be honest. School and head sound horrible. Get everything in writing, do not have meetings with head - communicate only in writing and log everything. Get your union in to negotiate a reference.
  5. tk212

    tk212 New commenter


    I really feel for you, and heres me thinking that I am having a bad time.
    I am being bullied by my department, not all people, but certainly my HoD and mentor(s).
    I cant speak to anyone here because I cant trust anyone. When I have trusted people (like I did this week), I was pulled into a meeting and basically bullied and told off. I should have known better - I should have had someone with me, but didnt think at the time.
    I would like to leave teaching and I have also thought about going back to university, but I need to achieve my NQT so that I can practise as a teacher if things dont work out - I have no idea how I'd fund a second degree apart from using my teaching to do supply.
    Ive tried looking on the staff policies for the notice period I have to give for resignation, but I cant find it and I deffo cant ask anyone.
    I am stressed - I have all the symptoms. Im 23 and Im losing hair - dark circles, I feel bruised (on my face) on a morning when I get up. The workload is unbearable. Ive compared my timetable to other NQTs in school in other departments = alot less workload in theirs.
    I cant cope anymore. I live in fear everyday.
  6. Thank you all for your advice - it's done now. I resigned yesterday afternoon, following a talk with the HT where I was basically told in not so many words that if I stay, she will be looking for reasons to start capability proceedings against me and that if that happens, she's 'unsure' whether or not she would legally need to give me a 'head's up' before putting it on my permanent record.

    I was told that if it was purely a few inadequate 20 minute obs, it would just be a failed first term. However, because it's that along with the fact that: my displays weren't perfect the first time I put them up and because I received a verbal warning a few weeks ago for not submitting my foundation plans on the correct planning format and because a problem parent complained that I wasn't giving her child special treatment, it is more than likely that capability is the route she would take.

    I simply do not deserve to have this on my record - I have put my all into this job. And the children have made progress in all areas, my displays look great now and I work damn hard. The HT said that if I go on capability, there is a chance that I could meet the standards and targets she lays out for me and go on to succeed. However, I don't believe that I could EVER have pleased her. She will have always found reasons as to why I couldn't possibly be successful at this school.

    Nobody had a good day during observations - out of the 4 of us who were observed, myself and another teacher from KS1 were graded inadequate due to no progress being seen, despite the fact that the evidence of progress was in books. The other 2 teachers, previously graded as good and outstanding, barely scraped through. The outstanding teacher came out from his feedback in tears, saying he'd scraped a satisfactory but was ripped apart. The good teacher was also graded as inadequate based on the fact that her 'WALT' was 'not relevant to the subject or year group she was teaching'. My colleague then showed the HT where she had got the WALT from in the primary framework and after a 45 minute discussion, got the HT to change the grade to satisfactory.

    It has just hit me this morning that I will now be unemployed after Christmas. I'm baffled as to how I can go from being perfectly happy and thriving in my new job to being unemployed so quickly and for no fair reason. Of course I could have stayed, got my union involved and fought a battle. However, the HT has a reputation for being a b***h and from what my colleagues have heard from the staff at her previous school, she knows exactly what she's doing in terms of legalities and getting what she wants.

    I don't think I stood a chance of getting through capability proceedings - she would have made my targets unattainable, just as she did for the other 2 NQTs who are also having to leave in 3 weeks. I'm gutted. Everyone believes that she has people in mind who she is intending to bring in. Even if I DID manage to fight my way through to staying, how could I possibly be happy there now? I'm gutted, I genuinely didn't believe that this sort of thing went on in primary schools.
  7. Captain Obvious

    Captain Obvious New commenter

    Your situation sounds insane. I would say you're making the right decision - staying in a job like that is just going to mentally tear you apart. And if experienced teachers are getting chewed out, I can only see your exit as the first of many.
    With regards to your permanent record, make sure you have a chat with your union rep - it seems deeply unfair to threaten an NQT in their first term with a poor reference when you've barely had a chance to get up to speed.
  8. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    I can't offer any different advice from that of others about your core problems at work but I can offer a glimmer of hope for your ability to continue working on supply after Xmas.
    You will have used up your 16 month supply allowance but can still apply to your LA for an extension to that allowance. They can refuse or they can offer up to another 12 months on non-Induction supply teaching.
    First of all you need to pin-point the exact date when you did your first qualified non-Induction supply teaching after getting QTS. You probably officially gained QTS in August 2010, so when was your first teaching work ina State school sfter that date?
    Count 16 months on from that first day of teaching and you reach the expiry date for your 16 month allowance. The earliest possible date will be in January 2012.
    You apply a.s.a.p to the LA for an extension to run, if granted, from the expiry of the 16 month allowance.
    Phone up first and find out if the LA have a special application form or if they want a letter from you. Find out who deals with said application form/letter.
    You must demonstrate that not having completed Induction so far is not your fault.
    Hopefully you will get a 12 month extension which will allow you to take random supply work (get registered with the LA supply register a.s.a.p and with private agencies). You might then find another school for permanent work in the extension period or make get longer-term stints of work (Maternity Leaves etc) which allow you to continue your Induction.
    Remember also that you have an opportunity to put comments on the Induction paperwork that comes at the end of this term. Think carefully about how you phrase your response to issues highlighted in the paperwork.
  9. Hi secretstar,
    So much of what you say is so similar to a situation I was in a few years ago. Even your comment about the displays not being good enough! I was also given a list of targets to meet in 4 weeks (with an interim assessment after 2 weeks) with a threat of capability if not met. As in your situation, the targets were unachievable - I knew I could never satisfy her. I did get my union involved at regional level, but was advised to resign. (I was new to the school, but found out I'd been the 5th person to resign in less than 2 years in a 2 class school!)
    I think you have done the only thing you could do. I do hope you get another job after Christmas - not all heads are the same!
    (By the way I wasn't an NQT, so can't offer any advice on what you should do regarding induction. But really hope it works out for you.)
  10. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    Are displays actually part of the Induction standards? I thought that the workforce Agreement of 2003 made them non-teaching tasks.
    Shouldn't the TA be put on Capability instead for sub-standard displays?!
  11. Oh good grief, what a school! This sort of treatment of NQTs really gets my goat. I was in this situation in late 2010. It could not have been clearer the school wanted me gone within the first half term. There was no support I could get from my LA - the rep there was on the Head's side! In the end, I jumped before I was pushed.
  12. I'll keep this brief but just wanted to add that I went through exactly the same. You'll almost certainly get a 12 month extension (LEAs genuinely aren't that bothered). Go back on supply. Build up new references. Start over. Never give the school as a reference. It's tough but you've got passed the worst now. If your LEA offer you an exit interview, take it and explain about the bullying at the school. My LEA said that if they get enough complaints they have to inverstigate. Too late for you but might save someone else. Good luck. x

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