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Forced into academy status?

Discussion in 'Headteachers' started by transilvanian, May 26, 2011.

  1. How did the meeting go?
  2. Hope all goes well.
  3. I'd find a primary academy out of area and have a chat with them about pro's and cons. If you are a CofE school I know that quite a few diocese are looking at "loose federation" academy models, so a chat with your local Diocesan education director might be worth a shot, even if you're not CofE, they might know of a good sponsor.
  4. Have met with a potential sponsor despite our DFE Academy Broker 'moving on' during the summer break and us being left with no advisor when we returned to school in Sept! . I have to make a decision by Oct half term - difficult to make a decision when there isn't a real choice or a clear picture of what the finished product will look like. Thrupp, I am sure you are in a much better place if you are a Church school. Going to look round a new academy next week for ideas. And all the time the clock is ticking!!!
  5. katepink

    katepink New commenter

    I have sent you message about this.
  6. Er it isn't your decision to make. The governing body are the only ones who can make this decision unless you are a failing school in which case mr gove can force the change!
  7. Hi,
    I am Chair of governors at a primary school. We too have been told we were on the '200 list' at a meeting with the LA myself and the head. At that point - federating with a feeder school was given as an option as they were not too keen on academies. A week later - the story changed and federating was no longer an option, we had to become a sponsored academy and were given a few names of possible different sponsors etc that we might like to consider.
    We are a church school (C of E Controlled), so we've had - out of the blue - the Diocese stating they will sponsor us - however it doesn't seem that the know exactly how to cope with us or how they will move forward! Communication is not the greatest, yet they declare they want us fully involved with the process. It certainly doesn't feel that way at present.
    It feels like being a church school there are even more hoops & restrictions in place.
    We have since met with a 'broker' and we now have the impression that we have even less choice - as the diocese WILL sponsor us - and there are limited choices as to who we can choose to work with the sponsor. As such we are all feeling somewhat agitated as we have no clear guidance / feel like guinea pigs as there is no feeling of confidence that certain parties will be able to actually deliver what is required in order to ensure that the children retain the levels of improvement that are actually taking place etc.
    It feels that each week goal posts are changing / no real concrete guidance is given anywhere. It's a huge decision for any school even going voluntarily, so being forced into it, with deadlines imposed, without the full story / support / guidance - is not an easy call to make.
    We've been told we will have to be an academy in time for September 2012 - so we have that date - but they are asking for us to confirm our sponsor / partners etc., by the end of this term!
    It's going to be an uphill struggle I suspect - in unchartered territory for all concerned. I'm not sure we can compare with other schools that have chosen to go down this route - they will have searched & decided upon all the elements of becoming an academy. We on the other hand are being forced, with not much information, being told different things, and feeling like we're pushed into a corner with no choices whatsoever.
    It's very frustrating.
    If I come across anything during this process that may be of use to others I will post it here.

  8. Hello there,
    I am very interested in your position. I have just taking over the headship of a school in very challenging circumstances. Up to now we have been doing really well and taking great strides forward. Today I have just been told by my L.A that the school is in the Governments 200 schools and we have to change into an acadamy by September!! I am sat here thinking where do I start and what does it mean for me and my staff? I would be really appreciative of any help that you could give me.
  9. historygrump

    historygrump Lead commenter Forum guide

    I am not a HT, but a teacher. May I ask have anyone reported this unethical, undemocratic and unfair bullying from the Dept of Education to the Labour front bench on education or to your local MP, in an effort to expose this disgraceful practice to a wider audience. Supply teachers seek to raise the issue of CS teaching by any means possible and I feel that HT should follow a similar tack to avoid being forced into academy status.

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