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For you, Tommy, the war is almost over ...

Discussion in 'Scotland - education news' started by catmother, Dec 23, 2010.

  1. catmother

    catmother Star commenter

    Wow,they've found him guilty!
  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    I must admit that I'm surprised. But I'm very glad for a couple of good friends of mine.
  3. As a complete outsider who knew nothing of Tommy Sheridan's history as a politician and nothing of the previous court case against the NOTW, this whole trial looked like an obvious vendetta to me, all he said she said, one person's word against another, and laughable evidence---the guy on that tape didn't even look like Sheridan, let alone sound like him. I couldn't believe that this case wasn't thrown out of court, and I'm gobsmacked that they found him guilty. What a joke of a justice system. No doubt he'll appeal.
  4. But, as the jurors clearly realised, you are entitled to have reasonable doubts when convicting. You cannot convict if the evidence goes beyond reasonable doubt in the minds of the jurors.
    As Sheridan himself points out in one of his interviews, convictions do not always rest on absoluteley certain evidential knowledge. They are more usually based on those testimonies which are found to be the more credible and more reliable.
    I am not sure either if a near all-female jury will have helped Sheridan.
  5. catmother

    catmother Star commenter

    Yes,I was surprised at the number of women in the jury.
  6. Stupid Cupid's. Stop picking on me!!
  7. davieee

    davieee Occasional commenter

    I always thought the odds were against him. (BTW, I think he did perjure himself at the libel case)

    For me even though Sheridan had his supporters there were too many people lining up to give evidence against him such as his former colleagues to even the couple who ran the club. Collectively, the SSP members version of events was consistent in that they all said roughly the same thing meaning of one was lying then they all were.

    I have been involved in situations where cliques or factions have lined up against one another, where opinions are portrayed as fact and where the truth has been stretched but it would take a lot of balls or a significant degree of stupidity to collectively lie at a perjury trial.

    I'm not glad he has been found guilty but i'm not going to lose sleep either.

    p.s Mydoll

    you're showing your age.

    p.p.s 100% BigJimmy

    keep away from the bookies
  8. I prefer the term "flaunting my age "

    The real betting is - who is the unnamed scottish footballer ?
  9. seren_dipity

    seren_dipity New commenter

    I know two of the witnesses personally...one of them very well indeed and I know how much heart-ache the case has caused his former friends and colleagues.
    It irritates me, as a founder member of the SSP, that yet again the far left has imploded and even more so because it's imploded because someone couldn't keep their trousers on and when caught out wouldn't just own up and shut up.
  10. I think Tommy is a fantasist at heart. Once such people have decided the fight is right (in this case against that enemy of the working class, The News of the World - bought ironically by working class people more than any other), the facts cease to matter. The same kind of thing happened to Tony Blair with the dodgy dossiers on the Iraq War.
    Gail's tactic of keeping schtumm over the alibi she provided for Tommy is not convincing either.
    Chris Gane of Aberdeen Uni's Law School came up with the best critique so far in my view when he pointed out that Tommy's continual banging on about being the accused in a political show trial rather loses all credibility when you realise that Tommy represents absolutely no threat whatsoever to the political establishment. Some of his erstwhile colleagues think he may have single-handedly destroyed working class socialism in Scotland because of his megalomania.For that alone, he may deserve some credit.
  11. Yep- there was no need for this. His personal peccadilloes , whilst distasteful, are not illegal. He should have just "taken the shame" and made peace with his wife as best he could.

  12. I have always had my doubts about Sheridan, although I thought he brought a freshness into Scottish politics. The cult of personality strikes again?
    In saying that,I always am intrigued by the way the Establishment works and I'm sure that in years to come this case will be the subject of media/political/sociological studies.

  13. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    In case anyone missed it the BBC showed this documentary about the circumstances leading up to the two trials. Most of the main people involved are interviewed. I suspect that if I didn't know a few of the prosecution witnesses (and, as I've said previously, one of them very well) I might have been swayed by what I now know to be Tommy's bluff and bluster.
    The fact that he admitted, in police interview, that he had previously had group sex was a surprise - even if he denied it was anything to do with the accusations.
  14. Tommy probably saw it as a socialist collective. It's surprisng in the sense that, with the exception of Lloyd George, recent British history suggests men of the right have more ..er, varied sex lives. Admittedly, there was the recent example of Jacqui Smith whose husband caused her fall from grace by billing the taxpayer for adult movies while she merely charged us for digital cameras and mobile phones, but in general I think he was the exception.
    There would have been none of this in the days of Teddy Taylor ...
  15. davieee

    davieee Occasional commenter

    According to one newspaper it is Billy Davies who apparently has been a friend from way back.

    Oh, and according to the lucky lady (Anvar Khan), lasted longer than Tommy.
  16. He's not been jailed (yet).
  17. cobalt54

    cobalt54 New commenter

    Actually Tommy Sheridan was a threat to the political establishment otherwise they would not have employed so much police time in securing a conviction against him. Sheridan's party could have formed an informal alliance with the SNP before the last elections and this has always been a bete noir for the UK Establishment: a left-wing nationalist group in power.
    So no expense spared. Probably Sheridan should have never gone near a courtroom but he has always had a good conceit of himself and to be fair he pulled it off once. But once he played on the opposition playing field it was only a matter of time.
    He was a breath of fresh air in Scotland and was better advised to do what he does best: rally the working people of Scotland and in particular get them out on the streets. Nobody did this better than him.
    I only met Sheridan once and was neither impressed nor disillusioned. However I harbour serious doubts about one of his erstwhile allies who now leads the SSP and whose sister was for a while General Secretary of a teaching union in Scotland.
  18. I suspect the UK establishment would like nothing better than to be shot of Scotland! I also doubt the possibility of an SSP/SNP alliance - at least under what some style the 'tartan Tories' led by Alex Salmond.
  19. Tam is sentenced on the 26th, isn't he?
    The war, indeed, is almost over.

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