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For those that found conceiving difficult first time round-

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by kittenmittens, May 8, 2011.

  1. kittenmittens

    kittenmittens New commenter

    - How did you decide when to ttc number 2?
    It took us nearly a year to conceive our 5 month old baby (Hubby and I are both 27). He really wants another baby with a small age gap, I'm not too sure as it wouldn't be worth me working with both in nursery - I'm going back 2 days a week in September - and I'd like to enjoy my first born on her own for a while first. We could afford to live on his salary but I'm sort-of looking forward to going back to work (at the moment- not sure what it'll be like going back). Also I found pregnancy very draining and was a wimp with all the tiredness, sickness etc!
    My worry is that it could take us many years to conceive for a second time. I think #1 was a bit of a miracle, she was made naturally but we were about to start clomid as I have polycystic ovaries and hubby has low sperm count due to hormonal imbalance. He was given a drug to rectify this- cabergalone I think. When ttc I waited only had 2 periods in a year and needed progesterone to have a period. Since having our baby I've been on the pill but find it really difficult to remember to take them, so was thinking of getting the implant fitted, but I just don't know how I feel about contraception and whether we should just see what happens? Obviously nobody has the magic answer to this but I am interested to hear what others in this position have done.
  2. Hi, my LO is about to turn 12 months and we've just started to TTC again. Like you, it also took us a while to conceive first time (approx. 18 months) and this has been a big factor for me in deciding to (hopefully!) have a smallish age gap. TBH I would've started trying sooner (when LO was about 8/9 months) but my OH wasn't too keen until now! I'm quite a bit older than you & only have 1 ovary so we have other obstacles in our way like you. Although I'm worried it will take us a long time again, I must say I'm ten times more relaxed about the whole thing than I was last time (then again ask me in a year if nothing's happened!!) Having my LO has been a dream come true so if it doesn't happen again then i think i'll be able to live with that a whole lot easier than not having him....Do you feel like that? Reading between the lines in your post I'd say you're not ready yet. I certainly wasn't at only 5 months after giving birth! (Although I loved pregnancy I was still coming to terms with a traumatic delivery at 5 months!). I'd say give yourself a bit more time. You're only 27 & although you have 'fertility issues' it doesn't sound as though a few more months/another year would necessarily make any difference....Hope that makes sense! What effect does being on the pill have on pcos? Sorry, I've no knowledge of the condition...Is there anything you could do now to 'prepare' your body but wait a bit longer?

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