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For Teaching Assistants in Secondary Schools

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by taitie, Jun 8, 2011.

  1. hi,
    i'm an LSA with HLTA status specialising in secondary science. At the moment my school dont pay me for HLTA but I do only support students in science as that is where my specialism is and it makes sense to keep me there.
  2. glenn_xp

    glenn_xp New commenter

    No. My timetable is across the board. 13 subjects over the 2 week timetable. I like the variety. Dont think I would like to be tied to just one subject.
  3. Thank you Taitie and Glenn.
    so some Secondary Schools employ TAs just to work in a specific Department if they have a specialism?
    Can you apply specifically to work in a Department or can they send you wherever they want?
    I'm asking because I would like to work in a Language Department as I have a degree in Languages (If I don't get into a PGCE this year) and that experience would be excellent for me.
  4. at my place you are put into a department - we have english, maths, alternative curriculum (CoPE)and horticulture (also including ICE, another alternative education package). having said that, i work almost exclusively in science and PE, since that is where my specialism/interest lies. i think it probably depends on the school. if you get an interview somewhere you can probably make your specialism known, and they may take it into account, but there are no guarantees! also, languages may not be an ideal specialism for TAs. or maybe it's perfect! i don't know(!).
  5. Sorry for taking a while to reply. My school have 1 LSA in each dept ( Eng/Maths/Science) who specialise, but I am the only one who has the HLTA and the rest of the LSAs float around the school wherever the statemented students are. Our SEN manager does make sure that she uses our strengths and tries to place us where we will make the most difference. For example sticking me in maths would be pointless lol. When I first started I went wherever I was put across the whole curriculum but gradually got more involved with science and then gained HLTA status with secondary science specialism so it made complete sense to leave me placed in that dept fulltime.
    As you have a degree in languages I would expect alot of schools would use you in that dept. When you go for interview point out your expertise in this area as I doubt there are many of us out there who have this and if they are wise they will jump at the chance to gain someone like you.
    Hope that helps.
  6. In our school TA's are attached to students rather than subjects as we feel the benefits of building up a strong knowledge of students and their abilities outweigh having subject specific knowledge. TA's are attached to year groups. We do endeavour however to attach TA's where possible to their preferred subject where possible.
  7. I started in the Maths dept in my school as a TA just working with C/D borderline pupils, I have now been promoted to Learning Associate (Cover Supervisor) in Maths. We also have Learning Associates in English and Languages
  8. At my previous school I worked with KS4 students across core subjects and occasionally got into technology lessons for coursework support.
    I decided to do an HLTA course and was approached my a friend on the SLT at another school to apply for a job in their maths dept as she knew I had a maths/engineering background (I left industry after having a disabled child).
    For 3 years I've been a senior TA/HLTA in a maths deptment. It's lovely, I work with great people who respect that I have good subject knowledge (I did A level in pure mathematics).
    As a parent of 2 children with a SEN, and after working in SEN for 7 years I have more understanding of that side of things than most staff. I'm comfortable in bottom sets or top set A* work.
    I usually support or cover in maths (although my covers are usually normal teaching, usually a page number and I make it up from there [​IMG]
  9. I am a HLTA in a secondary school which has Performing Arts status and I support in all Performing Arts subjects. I do whole class support as well as specific pupil support with those pupils who may have literacy or behavioural issues, or have a medical issue. I really enjoy the work and also do a lot of unpaid overtime helping with shows and extra- curricular clubs as I think the experiences in PA enhance the students learning across the board and I love to watch students achieve in PA where perhaps they dont as much in the purely academic subjects.

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