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(For Richard at the Indi.... )How many people have taken a compromise?

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by Zadok1, Jan 13, 2012.

  1. Zadok1

    Zadok1 New commenter

    Don't need any details or info... but can you just add a post if you have taken a compromise agreement, at the advice of your union or at your own behest, or if you personally know someone who has. Particularly if it was because you felt you, or the person you know, were being forced out of your job by someone on staff at the school.
    I know there are gagging clauses saying that you can't talk about it... so no names or places please.. just a hands up please. Lets see the numbers from a small community such as this and then imagine what the real numbers look like.
  2. I have!
  3. I know of two. *

    * I've not had anything to do with a CA myself.
  4. I know of two also.
  5. Torey

    Torey Occasional commenter

    What about those of us who took the tribunal route?
  6. Zadok1

    Zadok1 New commenter

    I'm trying to get a bit of a picture on the 'hidden' culture of compromise agreements and their 'gagging' clause. These are the people who would have been directly affected by Mr Gove's plans. The people who were placed on capability, given targets no one could hit and then got out quick before they could be sacked.
    The fact that the second part of the plan says that this information should be passed on to any future employer suggests to me that the 'government' are fully aware of how many people are leaving this way... I would like to think that the government are looking at these figures and thinking there must be a lot of poor teachers skipping from school to school. Well I think we need to let them know that it's often the very best teachers that this happens to... the ones that make the poor managers uncomfortable because they make them look bad at what they do... or don't do!

    I'm trying not to fall into the cynical view that makes me think that the environment many have met where the school seems to condone the bullying of staff... so you take it to HR... and they condone the bullying of staff... so you take it to the councilors at Appeal... and they condone the bullying of staff... all by pretending it doesn't happen and backing the Head because they appointed them... I'm trying not to imagine that the government have joined the conga of denial by supporting the power of the head teacher to the point where they are answerable to no one and have the power to do as they please.
    I'm trying to imagine that it is pure and simple naivete and stupidity... as we would expect it to be.
  7. people take these ca agreements for many reasons-il health/bullying/want to leave as targeted due to one form of indirect or direct discrimination many many reasons-it is not just those on capability measures
    sometimes because you are in a perfectly reasonable school then a new head joins who is completely unreasonable?
    the effects that such bullying behaviour can have on the wellbeing of staff is enormous
    sometimes it is because they do not want to endure bullying that exists in their current workplace that has made them ill
    as for mr gove, i would suggest that he takes a ca and joins a department that he has understanding to run ,possibly he could place the same measures he is expecting teachers to face towards his colleagues in Parliament
    alternatively he could come and do one of my lessons and teach computer programming to year 9
    or possibly provide me with the resources and training and programs i have requested from my head for the past year and a half which ironically includes programming training
  8. sorry meant to mention i know of at least three people who are excellent teachers whom have taken ca
  9. jellycowfish

    jellycowfish New commenter

    I took a CA. Didn't want to - would have preferred to go down the tribunal route, but as a single parent, mortgage, 3 children, etc etc, I couldn't afford to be sacked.
  10. frustum

    frustum Lead commenter

    There are people who leave without compromise agreements too, because financially they can afford just to leave rather than go through competency procedures.
    The other statistic that ought to be collected is the number of people who are subject to informal/formal competency procedures, leave, but then go on to be fine in another school. I've come across a few of those...
    There's a danger, in introducing measures to stop "poor teachers being moved on from school to school" that we also end up losing people from the profession who would be fine in a different type of school, or a better-managed department, or one where they weren't set up for failure because their face didn't fit. We already have one measure to stop poor teachers being re-employed in other schools - you've got to convince the appointing panel that you're appointable, despite references which may indicate otherwise.
  11. Gardening Leaves

    Gardening Leaves New commenter

    I took a CA, because my health had been so seriously compromised that my doctor, OH, union and husband pulled the plug on the defence and tribunal route I had wanted to take. There was a genuine and very serious risk that I would have commited suicide, if I had continued.
  12. For all the positive imagining I'd like to do and all the good will I'd like to show, I'm not at all convinced.
    The person pronouncing the new measures may well be somewhat ignorant and naive.
    Those who have devised these measures, however, are most certainly not.They know fullwell what is going on, what can be gained from it and what needs to be done to cover it up.
    I know more than a handful of very good teachers who were either bullied or were silenced by a bullying head and who eventually decided not just to go elsewhere but to leave their much loved profession altogether. Three of them agreed to a CA.
  13. I am in the position this very weekend of trying to decide what the hell I am going to do after taking the decision that I have to either a) go on the sick for as long as possible and then leave or b) just leave. I am suffering from severe depression brought on by a new head who has destroyed my belief in myself and my ability as a teacher. I loved my job and now feel that if I don't get out I am going to lose my sanity - small thanks to Mr Gove for the straw that finally broke this particular camel's back. A CA is one of the options available to me but I am so lost at the moment I am having trouble focussing on what will be best for me (and for the kids in my class).
  14. aw27

    aw27 New commenter

    I took one because union advised it - would have simply resigned and walked away with nothing otherwise - the stress of a year of bullying became too much to cope with eventually.
  15. chriscmkie - I sympathise with you. you should be spending your weekend enjoying and relaxing in your time off, not worrying over this.
    firstly, I'd go sick, the stress of this will be too much for you to even think straight.
    secondly. only when you are fit enough to think through what your options clearly are, should you make any decisions.
    lastly, please consult your union. Run through what has happened to get you to this stage of your thinking. They will advise on all the options available.
    keep your chin up and as you can read from the many posts on here there are so many teachers around like you in this unwarranted situation!
  16. rosievoice

    rosievoice Star commenter

    I took a CA after the maximum period of sick absence possible, for a combination of the two reasons stated by chrismckie and Gardening Leaves.
    Had a friend not convinced me otherwise, I would have simply walked away after the head's final psychiatric assault triggered a complete breakdown.
    My union were less than useless.
  17. Hand up here. About 3 others at the same time + more after we left. Head eventually toppled though!
    Thinking recently, I have known a minimum of 10 teachers leave the various schools I have worked in because of their health (ie had a break down.)
  18. I've heard of six so far , but also how others have just resigned or diappeared. I came close to taking one and then my union advised against it.
  19. Kelloggs

    Kelloggs New commenter

    Me, and another 4 - all instigated by the same head who would not accept evidence which contradicted her claims. Forced out of jobs that we all loved to find others where they all have thrived! I'm looking at the moment, still not finalised the money etc.
  20. Zadok1

    Zadok1 New commenter

    I make that 26 people... so far, the thread has only been up and running for two days (maths is not my strong point so feel free to correct me).
    I wonder how many there really are. How many people in the whole of the teaching profession have had their career interrupted, damaged or ultimately destroyed because their face didn't fit, or they failed to jump through the over zealous hoops of a new head of department or head teacher... or even just because they showed themselves to be intelligent and articulate outside the classroom when faced with some newfangled plot to fool Ofsted into thinking the management are on the top of their game.
    My personal favourite was when a head teacher in a 'challenging' school asked all the staff to follow up and phone the parents of every child who was rude or disrespectful. I kept a log for a day... and believe me.. I was one of the more liked teachers... but I collected the names of about 16 students by the close of the day. I then went back to the head teacher and told him that it would take me a couple of hours to make all the calls so could he provide cover for the next day in order for me to make all the calls, and that as I had already collected the names of several students that day we might want to make it an on going cover. I'm sure you can imagine it didn't go down well... and maybe if I hadn't got one foot out of the door by that time I might have kept my mouth shut... but, putting this into perspective, this was a school where the senior management went on patrol around the school in pairs!!! Often putting disruptive students back into classrooms without reprimand just to clear the corridors... back into classrooms with 29 other kids and just the one teacher.

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