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For anyone who didnt get into Glasgow PGDE Primary

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by peewee1981, Mar 16, 2011.

  1. Just wondering if any of you will give it another go for 2012 entry? I had my interview on the 6th Jan and didnt get the bad news till 2nd March by which time I had convinced myself I didnt want to do it anyway. When the news came I was devastated, felt like a total failure. My sis in law (who is a teacher of 8 years) keeps encouraging me to re-apply for 2012 and the more I think about it I know I want to but just couldnt face the rejection again, it was heartbreaking.
    I have two small children so it was probably best I didnt get in this year. I just plan to enjoy them as much as I can so that if I apply and get in for 2012 then they will be a little older and I will have been able to cherish being at home with them.
    We are lucky that I dont have to work but I feel that if I dont try the PGDE again what else can I do? I dont want to work in any old job just to fill my time. I keep thinking to the future and when my boys are at school (3 and 4 years time) and I know I want to be a teacher and have a career and so that my family will be proud of me. I have a degree that got me no-where and have always been in boring HR Admin jobs, what a waste of time study was for that! I know I want this but I am just scared.
    Anyone else nervous about trying again, or decided they definately arent trying again?
    Any thoughts, opinions, stories welcome!
    Apologies if I sound like a depressed stay at home mum with no-one to talk to! Just looking for advice from those who have gone through the horrendous feeling of not getting in!
  2. I'm really sorry to hear that you didnt get in, if I'm being totally honest I thought you and the girl who presented on sign language completed the best presentations in the group and it really suprises me you didnt get in.

    I got an interview for the PGDE in Geography but turned down the interview. When I applied I really thought my heart was in secondary teaching but after getting rejected from the primary course I realised I REALLY want to be a primary teacher. So I think I will be applying next year again - hope to see you there again! It would be a real shame if you didnt apply.
  3. Hey - I think I was in your group too.
    Peewee - did you do fruit and veg? And did you do Edinburgh Castle Caroline?
    I didn't get in to Glasgow. I'm still waiting to hear back from UWS - the more the days go by the more I get paranoid!
    Don't feel too disheartened - it seems that no fantastic people I know are getting in. There are a few others volunteering at the same primary school as me and none of them have got a place. I was talking to one of the teachers this morning and she said two of the teachers there had applied twice and that surely if you apply again and show your dedication then they'll have to let you in some time!
    I'm even more determined now - especially after a good day at school. I'm def re-applying if I don't get in to UWS. Third time lucky!
    If you two are who I think you are - then peewee, honestly, I was convinced you would be sure of a place. And I thought everyone did really well - I loved the activity of sticking on the labels for the castle. And - I did sign language, so if you are you, and you're talking about me, then I could just cry because I thought it was terrible!
    Chin up ladies!!

  4. Hey Caroline and Ellie, yes we were all in the same group and I thought both your lessons were fab too - made me nervous mine wasnt good enough! Yeah Ellie, mine was the fruit and veg and the red amber green thing.
    I also applied to UWS but didnt get an interview. Hearing from you both now has made me sure I am going to reapply. Im not telling anyone though so I dont have to come back with my tail between my legs! (Hopefully not though!)
    I asked for feedback and got a letter from Delia Wilson saying basically standard of applicants very high, they graded us all on each area (lesson, evaluation and interview) and that I didnt have a high enough score to get a place. She also said that if I wish to reapply then I should look to gain more experience in a school setting. I felt a bit deflated when I read it as it seemed a bit of a cop out so I have asked for more specific feedback on each of the areas they grade on. Ive also asked them to clarify how much experience is actually needed as obviously I had enough experience to get an interview? I've been volunteering in primary school 2 half days a month since October (stopped now right enough, but I will pick up again come August, maybe get husband or family to take a week off work between them so I can get a full run of a week in school). I had been in a non-denominational school but now I think of it maybe I should have tried to volunteer at a Catholic school as I totally messed up my answer to the Catholic teaching bit - it never even occurred to me to prepare an answer for such questions. Doh! I was useless at the question that was almost three in one - tell me about your skills, qualities AND experience. By the time I had managed to think of only two skills I had forgotten I still had to provide an answer for qualities and experience. I cringe when I think about it. No wonder I never got in! I was so nervous and all my family kept saying 'oh they will take that into account' Yeah right!
    What is really frustrating is that two people I know who interviewed on the 11th got offered a place right away and I told them what they would be asked so they could prepare perfectly. I couldnt not have guided them though. I'm too nice for my own good, damn it! One of them isnt even taking the place now as she got a job in science (she was getting made redundant when she applied to the PGDE so it was more of a back-up plan)
    It is a bitter sweet time as on one hand I am gutted not to have got in and get going with my future but on the other I am sooooo happy I dont have to leave my 2 yo and 10 mo in full time nursery - I think they are just too young for that at the moment.
    Sorry for the rambling! I havent really spoken about the whole thing since just after the interview so you two are getting your eyes nipped by all my typing!
    Caroline, how much will you change your personal statement for 2012? The only bit I think I can change is the experience (when I get it) and maybe about how its second time applying and being more determined? I dont know, maybe that might be too negative. Oh I asked Delia whether or not they check if you have applied before when you apply again. Would hate to think theyd judge their decision to invite for interview from being unsuccessful at interview previously.
    Ellie, I am sure you will get into UWS. Keep us updated!
  5. Aw - yeah - you're really lucky that you have your kids!
    In terms of feedback - I rang up to ask for feedback and was told to email, so did that and so far I've still not received a reply. I think it might be time to ask again! How did you get in contact to ask for feedback? At my UWS interview I spoke to a guy who had also applied to Glasgow and not got in. He'd rung for feedback and they told him it was because of his degree in business which they didn't think was relevant - very helpful!
    I also know what you mean about not telling anyone - I've kept my applying a secret from loads of people and I was rather mortified when I had to tell my boss, in case I was late after the interview, and then the whole of work knew. It was awful when I didn't get in because everyone had been asking me every day if I'd heard anything. I think people like us know how hard it is to get in and how great it is even to get an interview but at work I feel like they must think I'm a bit of a failure.
    Who's rambling now!?
    I think we should just concentrate on getting more experience and enjoying ourselves - if we keep trying we'll get in eventually. I think perseverance is a great quality for a teacher to have.

  6. Peewee1981
    Sorry to hear you didn't get in. I feel very lucky to have managed to secure a place for next year. Competition was fierce this year!
    You asked how much volunteering people did - well, for the last 2 school years I have volunteered between 3 and 9 hours per week. I have worked in nearly every primary year and always shown an eagerness to help in ANY way! I have worked one on one with pupils and with groups - I've even just sharpened pencils for the teacher! I always make the school feel that I am there to help them. Also, ask questions - lots of questions!!! If you don't know why they are doing something in the classroom or school a certain way - ask! All experience is relevant. any opinions I formed from being in the classroom I would put to a teacher, depute head or head teacher to see if I was on the right track about methodolgy in schools and get others opinions about educational issues.
    The school I help in is great and have been very supportive. I have 3 children at the school and have been an active parent there for some years so I think that helped too.
    During my interview, the interviewer started by mentioning the amount of experience I already had - it gave me confidence in the interview that she had recognised my efforts.
    If it is something you truely want to do my biggest piece of advice would be to totally emerse yourself in education and educational issues. I was able to talk so confidently about the education system and my experience because I had lived it for 2 years. It was my true feelings on issues and I wasn't regurgitating what the media or websites were saying.
    I hope I've helped a little. Don't give up. I so excited to start in August but also terrified!! It's going to be so hard with 3 kids!! Enjoy your kids now while youcan be with them - I've stayed at home for 10 years with mine and wouldn't swap that time for anything!
    Sorry if I've been rambling!!
    Good luck!

    PS My degree is in Business so I don't think the feed back the other person got was totally honest!
  7. Don't beat yourself up about it at all! I didn't get in the first year I applied, didn't even get an interview - but was accepted the second time I tried. One girl I was at uni with applied three times. You just need to keep going back if you know it's what you want to do.

    I would say though, maybe wait til the kids are at school? It is really draining. I did the PGDE Primary last year as a single parent while my son was in P2, now I'm on probation. These two years have absolutely flown by due to the amount of work/stress/trying to fit it all in that's taken place. I think your best bet is, like you say, to enjoy your kids for a couple more years. You never know - job situation might have picked up a bit by then! (Ever optimistic..!)

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