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For all the BA/BEd trainees :)

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by jo_south_yorks, Nov 11, 2010.

  1. Since your essay isn't specifically about SEN but being an inclusive practitioner, you can certainly use materials gained at your prep school as a basis for your argument. See how a teacher takes into account (differentiates) varying ability (no matter how slight) and learning styles. Use of extension tasks for the more able and support materials for the less able. Gender differentiation and cultural diversity (if any). How it is reflected in planning, in groupings, seating plans. Use of support staff. Technological help, such as computer programmes, AV, IWB. Assessment methods.
    You can certainly trace your development by comparing your plans from previous years, in your feedbacks (crits), and pupil attainment.
    You'll find a lot of articles and research findings on inclusion, such as in Pollard's Reflective Teaching.
  2. bobbycatrules

    bobbycatrules New commenter

    Will this forum also be open to students on the GTP route too since they are not PCGE students either?
  3. Well I originally made it to give fellow BA/Bed students support with similar workloads - assignments, placements of varying lengths at different times in the year.
    Also, GTP have their own proper forum so they don't necessarily need to start mini forums :)
    JSY x

    (p.s. not that you aren't welcome though :) )

  4. Hello all,
    I am a second year at University of Cumbria.
    I start my first big teaching practice in a few weeks (up to 12 lessons a week) at a secondary school and I am really nervous as I am only a baby myself (20). Any tips?
  5. Sooo finished 3rd year placement - somehow managed to get full marks which I am literally over the moon with!
    Really annoyed at my uni cos although I was planning to stay in Scarborough after I've finished, I would go back home to Sheffield as a fall back, however our uni only bothered to tell us about 2 weeks ago about the pool systems and the Sheffield one has already closed, so now I really really need to get a job up here as I have nothing to fall back on!
    Just dissertation/several thousand presentations/zillions of essays to get done now then I'm a teacher! Yey! xxx
  6. Hi. i'm a first yr BA QTS at northampton. Reallly enjoying the course so far but have heard many horror stories about how tough it gets.
    I'm approaching 30 and have a fiance and 2 small children (6 & 2) and desperately want to be a teacher but am beginning to worry about just how much time, effort, energy, blood, sweat and tears etc we will have to put into this degree. Dont get me wrong I never expected it to be easy or non-time consuming but the stories i've heard about students being in school 8-5.30 and then planning from 6pm til 1am as well as trying to get assigments done are really scaring me.
    Any of you able to offer any support or reassurance or is it really this bad?
  7. It CAN be that bad, but it's not always that way. I have four young children and am on my final placement. This year has been very difficult, we have an 8 week placement where we're teaching the whole timetable (well, 80%) and we have five assignments including one dissertation due in within about 5 weeks after the TP [​IMG] So this year has been pretty difficult, with the skills tests, skills folders, full time teaching, assignments, school visits and job applications etc. There have been many nights where I've spent an entire night planning and resource making after a day in school, I won't lie to you, but I don't do that every single night and I do manage to have at least one free day at the weekend.
    The first two years were more manageable in my opinion, though.
  8. I am here to offer lots of support!! I'm a third year at Northampton!!!! :D
    I'll be brutally honest, first year is a doddle compared to second year. Second year you need to be creative with the time you have, and use every spare bit of time you have well. Obviously with two small children you will have other pressures as well as uni, but our tutors are fab at helping out.
    Make sure you ask for help if you need it, and if you ever feel like things are getting on top of you, go and speak to your Personal Tutor. We have some really supportive tutors at UoN so make the most of them! Obviously I can't name names.
    I found second year to be really stressful, and came close to quitting twice because of really tough difficult placements. I'm on my final placement now (start the long 5 week block tomorrow) but I'm loving this one.
    I would say just manage your time as best as you can, always keep in mind the end goal, and make sure you approach each new placement with a positive mental attitude and an open mind. (and your comment about people planning til 1am, that would be me from last year haha! it isn't always that bad though. just keep on top of things and you'll be fine)
    Good luck, and if you need any advice, feel free to PM.
    Hope everyone else is doing well this year! xx
  9. Check your placement guidance from your uni as to what you have to do on the placement, the expectations etc, as Ik now at my uni we have a set format that the Uni like us to use. But we are encouraged to organise it how we want so long as it is clear, organised and well managed. Or at least they haven't complained that my folder is in a completely different order to what they 'expect'!!
    JSY x
  10. Sooo final year BEd-ers etc, how are you finding the job applying process? Any interviews/actual jobs yet?!
  11. lizzii_2008

    lizzii_2008 New commenter

    Hiii, I'm on the verge of finishing a 4 year BA and can't wait - just a dissertation to finish!
    I'm actually finding the job process quite exciting and not as near as daunting as I thought it would be and I've done soooo well with getting interviews considering there really isn't much about. I've applied to 10 schools and been offered 5 interviews, plus invited to 2 other interviews through the Pool system.
    I've had the opportunity to pick and choose a little bit, which has been good.
    I didn't get the job I went for yesterday but attended another one today so fingers crossed =)
    How about everyone else??

  12. Hello!!! At last, a place for non-SCITT, PGCE-ers!
    I'm just finishing my first year of a 4 year BA hons course at Brighton and have 2 weeks (not inc half term) of my first placement left in a Year 3 class. I'm a KS2/3 Science specialist. Probably a bit older than most of you! Worked as a museum education officer for 2 years, then as a cover supervisor at a local secondary school. Looking to teavch KS3 science...I must be mad...I'm knackerd!!!
    Kerri :)
  13. I got an interview for a school I loved and put my all into the application and then it was given to an internal teacher; someone there on a temporary contract. However, the head did say in a few months time he would be advertising again and that he would be happy to interview me again. Just don't know if he said that to all of the other candidates too though do you!
    I'm really worried now that I will never get another interview as since then I have applied to 3 other schools and heard nothing [​IMG]
    I don't know whether to change the format of my personal statement (a friend told me she has done all of hers with subtitles and bullet points), I currently just have paragraphs. It's really hard!!!
    Good luck and well done with the interviews so far. What is their feedback? Do the jobs go to someone with "more experience"? As people are often moaning all the jobs go to "cheap NQTs" yet I have had a lot of friends beeen beaten to a job out of experience, so it works both ways!

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