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Footwear in dance?

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by pandorabox, Jul 20, 2011.

  1. Just wondering what the consensus here is?

    When I did my training and in previous school always taught that bare feet are best in Dance lessons (and in some cases drama) - current school though the policy is socks and trainers. I'm not sure this is such a good idea as I believe it inhibits freedom of movement - what does everyone think?
  2. Yes, trainers inhibit technique, for a start you can't point your feet in them! I suppose it depends what/who you're teaching though really doesn't it. If it's dance GCSE then you should be insisting on the proper footwear, be that ballet shoes, jazz shoes, split soles etc. If you have 30 year 4's for an hour of 'movement' then you won't truly be tackling enough finite detail to justify enforcing parents to fork out on specialist shoes.
  3. It's year 9s and a mixed boy/group.

    I agree that bare feet are better - movement is easier, it sets a standard and makes sure that parents don't have to fork out on expensive dance shoes.

    Culture where I am now appears to be that trainers "will do" but I really don't agree - I also think that the teacher should be barefoot too but was challenged when I raised this!
  4. We have a simple rule in our dance studio, it's either dance footwear or bare feet. I wouldn't say that as a teacher you have to teach bare foot, this doesn't happen at most dance colleges (dependent on the dance style of course), as long as you're wearing dance footwear you can demonstrate in it should be fine. I would definitely try and get rid of the trainers though. As long as the floor is swept i'd go down the barefoot route unless you're teaching commercial/hip-hop etc.
  5. I agree that if the class are barefoot then the teacher should be too - if for no other reason than setting an example!
  6. Dancing barefooted is taught in many dance school. But of course, it would depend on what dance is being practised and performed. Moving is much better when you are barefooted, that's my personal opinion.

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