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Football - how does your school manage it?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by fleetfox, Mar 7, 2011.

  1. sorry, don't know why that came out as all one block of typing...
  2. DeeDog

    DeeDog New commenter

    We have a TA who comes in at 11:45, who supervises the lunch time sports. They rotate on a daily basis between footbal, basketball and handball.
    Some children in my year group have recently caused problems within this area, for example fighting, arguing who won etc which has all been brought into the classroom. They've had a complete ban for a week. If they can't play with sportmanship then they don't deserve to.
    The football team have just won the league cup too :p
  3. littlerussell

    littlerussell New commenter

    To be honest, ours are worse when they don't have football. Then they just roam around winding each other up.

  4. Do you have any role model type year 6 students that could be trained to act as "supervising officials - they could serve as play leaders, ensuring fair play and appropriate responses should conflict arises. Anyone that fails to co-operate should be reported to an adult on duty and could face fixed exclusions from joining in. This would mean that only offenders suffer and their is an incentive to toe the line. You would need enough to be able to rotate so that they get plenty of turns at playing themselves; are you a large enough school to accomodate that?
  5. CarrieV

    CarrieV Lead commenter

    We have a playground specifically for football and a rota for break and lunch sessions, yrs 5/6 boys get 2 days, years 3/4 and 1/2 one each and girls a seperate one too. This cuts down on the older ones barging the smaller out of the way! We don't have fighting, if we see anything approaching it, the ball is taken indoors for that session and football stops, they soon learn! The older boys sort themselves out, the football captain is in charge, what he says, goes! The younger ones can have a few more problems, but usually only tears as they get in the way of the ball, they're told to toughen up! ( unless they are injured of course!). I have had to ban the yr 5/6 boys for a week once this year-that was due to siblings bringing home arguments into school and onto the pitch but as the others didn't stop it, they all suffered! We just find beinf firm and no excuses works for us! It does help that we are a small school-there are only 17 boys in 5/6 so the pitch isn't overcrowded.
  6. #there
  7. Deedog and glider - I like both of these ideas. Only prob is that we're a tiny school with no money to pay even the TA's we have! Our Y6 are not a strong year group in terms of maturity and good behaviour so not sure that would be feasible, although I really appreciate the ideas!

    Littlerussell, I agree. I think the behaviour would eventually improve if football was allowed!
  8. You're a person after my own heart CarrieV. Now I just have to persuade my Head that it IS do-able... And work out a way so that lunchtime supervisors can manage - at the moment they are very sweet but not very strong on behaviour management...

  9. It doesn't really help you as this scenario involved a football ban for Y6 at lunchtime (lunchtime was the problem - playtime wasn't long enough for them to fit in sufficient cheating/injury causing/bullying).
    Each year group had an allocated football day in the cage but any year group that couldn't cope with the excitement of football had another sport instead, for my Y6s it was netball as we'd been doing that in PE.
    The children knew the rules, how to referee etc. and would take bibs, a ball and whistle out to lunch with them.
    Not only did the fights/cheating/bullying etc. cease but the number of children who participated in competitive ball sports increased, anecdotally this seems to have been due to the strict rules and non-contact nature of netball vs. the violent free-for-all that football had become. By the summer we had a decent, mixed Y6 netball team because both boys and girls practised it at lunchtime.
    So, maybe keep the football ban in place but rebrand it so it is no longer a 'ban' per se but that different sports will be given a season/term/whatever. If PE lessons are used to teach the rules, referee-ing etc. then it won't take any additional supervision because the children will manage the game themselves. Choose games that have strict rules and consequences i.e. netball over basketball so the fast/sneaky runners don't hog the ball.
  10. thehawk

    thehawk Occasional commenter

    as above..............

    dinner lady supervising (if this is a key problem, it is worthwhile allocating one purely to this task)
    limiting numbers playing.

    limited time playing - ten minutes per year group in a designated area
  11. I'm at a middle school, and our kids are constantly annoying each other on the courts. SMT are trying to sort out a rota, which is supposed to ease the problems.
    In the meantime, I'm trying to take our "little ones" (Year 5) off the playground as often as possible. They can go to Y5 football twice a week, during lunchtime,...which is on the field. One day, I've got Y7s helping and leading the matches (I'm still there to supervise). On the other day, our head of PE and I are outside leading the sessions. Besides that, I'm encouraging my boys to go to Hockey, which is on during another lunchtime. Basically, anything to keep them occupied and out of trouble.
    They find it easier to participate if they don't have to get changed into full games/PE kit. Today, the field was completely dry, so they were allowed to play in uniform (at own risk..."I'm not going to argue with your mum..."). Usually, however, they need to wear some trainers and jogging bottoms at least.
  12. Apply the same rules as football. Any fighting results in a 3 match (day) ban they'll soon reign themselves in. But please never ban football it's just cruel.

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