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Football ECA

Discussion in 'Physical education' started by NingenEmpi, Nov 10, 2018.

  1. NingenEmpi

    NingenEmpi New commenter

    Hey all,

    I'm teaching both boy and girl KS1 students in Hong Kong. For an extra-curricular activity, I take an hours football class. While I certainly love football (watching mainly these days) I could use some help with games/activities for the said hour. Not sure if what I'm doing is the right thing.

    At the moment, I do various shuttle run warm-ups then into some ball control exercises, dribbling inside a marked area. For the end game, I usually do a 3v3 game with no keeper as I want the students to have as many touches as possible.

    Any help, exercises or resources would be welcome.

  2. bigfatgit

    bigfatgit Occasional commenter

  3. NingenEmpi

    NingenEmpi New commenter

    Cheers! Will do

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