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FOOD topic in reception

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by cath1980, Jan 3, 2008.

  1. Does anyone know where I can find some interesting activities/ideas for this topic?
  2. Does anyone know where I can find some interesting activities/ideas for this topic?
  3. im doing food topic this half term, maybe we could share ideas? ive got the themes for early years book - food, which has some good ideas, what have you come up with already?
  4. Sorry i read this as Food fight in reception! Sounds good. You could go with a food book each week or food from around the world? Our local Pizza express takes parties of kids to go and make pizza.
  5. Sorry Sarah 55.. haven't have internet access for a few days. I was going to start off by asking the children about their favourite foods, ask them to write lists etc. Get them to draw, collage, paint on paper plates, their favourite meal, do a 'data colletction ' survey...what do we like, not like, explore senses (again) what is healthy/not healthy/(I am a bit iffy about telling children they shouldn't have things as think gives them the wrong idea) so want a way of supporting moderation, food sampling, ask the children what they would like to make, why an how...planning it together, using capicity, measures to sort out ingredients. taking photos of what we had made. read ' pass the jam jim' look at the rhyming words, repeptitiveness, alliteration, keywords, phonemes, maybe think of some similar sentences we could write using names of children in our class and new 'food' words learnt.
    I have collected some food magazines from supermarkets- asking children to look through them and cut out things that appeal. Categorise fruit, veg meat etc. Look at instruction, cookery books.
    Ask children to keep a 'school dinner' packed lunch diary (v.basic) Look at foods from other cultures.
    Set up a cafe/restaurant/shop in home corner. Ask children to write down orders. Use money etc.
    I know that this is all very rambly... but have struggled to find any kind of format or limitations to topic planning in foundation stage!!!
    I'd love to share ideas...what are you going to do?
  6. I did it last year and my planning is very un foundation stage format (Have to do as I am told!), but you are welcome to a copy if you send me your e mail. Mine is rachael@sharrad.co.uk. You sound like you have great ideas already. Mine is much the same, but there might be something different if you want a look.
  7. Rachael,

    Would it be really cheeky of me to ask if I can take a look at that planning too? REALLY struggling with this topic, and am surprised there isn't more available on the internet!

    It would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, Alana

  8. hi cath1980, i have tried seneding you an email with ideas but it came back with an error, please could you give your email again so i can check its right, thanks
  9. Have sent plans, let me know if you get them or not as I tried to send it to several addresses at once and ict is not my forte!
  10. hi, thank you so much for the food planning you have sent me, it has really helped and you have some fantastic ideas. If possible please could you send me the activity sheets you have mentioned on additional sheet?

    Thanks again

  11. toty

    toty New commenter

    Hello, hope some of the following might be useful. Very similar to previous threads but I?ve put some bits & pieces on the resources site to support some of the activities (marked*).


    ? Read simple recipe*, make & eat pancakes; poem ? ?Pancakes? by Christina Rossetti*; ?Pancakes, Pancakes? by Eric Carle, Runaway Pancake (traditional tale).

    Our favourite meals
    ? Lots of discussion & stories about food e.g. Eat up Gemma, Tiger who came to tea, Pass the jam, Jim, I will not ever, ever eat a tomato, Ketchup on your cornflakes, Zoopermarket, Beans on toast by Paul Dowling, Eat your Peas by Nick Sharratt etc.
    ? Make salt dough favourite meals, paint & stick onto paper plates.

    Foods from different countries & cultures
    ? e.g. samosas, curries, bhajis, spring rolls, prawn crackers, pizza, jambalaya, other celebration food. Watch ?Festivals? (Stop Look Listen ? Lunch Bunch)

    Teddy Bears? Picnic
    ? Read simple recipe & make buns*/gingerbread men for the picnic.
    ? Write invitations to our teddies*.
    ? Observational drawings of teddies using charcoal.
    ? Games with teddies in hall before picnic.
    ? Gingerbread Man ? making individual books; playdough mat*.
    ? Teddy Bears? picnic frieze (position the teddies playing ?hide & seek? so that you can discuss where they are & add positional language e.g. Kate?s teddy is behind the tree, beside the bush etc.)

    Healthy Eating
    ? ?Dentist? role play area.
    ? Visit from school nurse/dental team.
    ? Home/school leaflet about brushing teeth/certificate.
    ? Healthy snacks*.
    ? Food groups*. Play online game http://www.foodafactoflife.org.uk/activity.aspx?siteId=5&...
    ? 5 a day.

    Safety & Hygiene
    ? Emphasise the importance of always washing hands before touching food. Talk about germs.
    ? Certain foods need to be washed before eating. Demonstrate washing fruit & vegetables.
    ? Discuss safety when preparing food. Never touching knives or sharp instruments without an adult being present.
    ? Raising awareness of the potential hazards in a kitchen. Identifying & discussing a poster showing possible dangers & suggesting sensible actions*.

    Vegetables - raw (salad bar) ? display first
    ? Which part of the plant do we eat? ?Eating Plants? (N/F big book).
    ? Make a ?self-service salad bar?. Use senses to explore a range of salad veg. Wash/prepare salad & put out on plates for the children to select their own salad. Record after which they liked/disliked*.
    ? Children write own labels & instructions for their salad bar e.g. ?Please take a plate.?

    Vegetables ? cooked (making soup) ? display first
    ? Read ?Oliver?s Vegetables? & ?Stone Soup? by Tony Ross. Have vegetables to hand, a pot & a ?stone? as you read.
    ? Where do vegetables come from? Below/above ground?
    ? Make real soup to eat. Read simple recipe. Children wash & prepare veg. Compare before/after cooking. Record*.

    Fruit (make fruit salad) ? display first
    ? Wash & prepare fruit & set out on paper plates. Children select their own fruit to make into fruit salad.
    ? Role play - Greengrocer?s Shop
    ? Read ?Oliver?s Fruit? & ?Avocado Baby?.
    ? Look at the labels on the fruit. Talk about the countries they came from/how did they get here?
    ? Look at fruit compositions by Cezanne/other still life artists(*IWB). Invite the children to select 3 pieces of fruit to make their own still life. Use chalk pastels encouraging colour matching.
    ? Look at Arcimboldo*. Play game online making a face out of fruit*.
    ? Print-making using fruit & veg.

    Use all their senses to explore & describe jelly*. Eat as part of a Teddy Bears? Picnic.

    Design a Cereal Package*
    ? Use polydrons to make boxes. Discuss how flat shapes can be made into solids. Look at the patterns.
    ? Look at a variety of packaging. Disassemble & talk about folds, flaps, sides, edges etc. Reassemble inside out & design their own cereal box.
    ? Provide selotape, masking tape, Pritt sticks, PVA glue, scissors, paint, felt pens, coloured paper etc.

    Tasting baby food*


    Useful site http://www.foodafactoflife.org.uk/section.aspx?siteId=3&s...

    Fruit & vegetables posters (www.juniorenglish.de/poster_fruit_75.jpg)

    Food Songs & Poems

  12. Hi could I possibly have a copy too this topic is coming up we and just moving into new foundation unit, were creating new topics so could do with some ideas. thanks
  13. I hope you don't mind, but I emailed you about getting those food topic plans. Hope it's not too much trouble. Thanks so much! Veronica
  14. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    Thank you, Toty, for putting that list together.
  15. toty

    toty New commenter

    Thank you Inky - you're very kind. It's an old post but hopefully some of it might still be useful

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