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Food Technology teachers?

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by DATAstaff, Nov 2, 2011.

  1. You are right, as an Association we campaigned hard to get Food to be compulsory and we were successful and this was all set to happen in 2011. There was a change of government and they decided to do a curriculum review. Thus, reviewing food is part of that whole process, so there will be no chnage until 2014. As its stands, all pupils have an entitlement to cook, which has been in place since 2008, through liecnece to cook programme. We can already see the effects of their limited thinking about somke subjects so we are campaigning hard
    Join us now - sign up to the campaign or lose your jobs too! http://www.believeindandt.org.uk/
    And send this to as many people, parents and pupils as you can and get them to sign up to. The government will decide this term what will be compulsory in the future - GET ON TO THIS NOW!
  2. Could you let us know what area of the country you are wanting to work?

  3. FP - the doomed North East I'm afraid. I can offer textiles at KS3, and am more than willing to teach other D&T subjects, but there are no jobs being advertised, not even supply ones. I can't up sticks as I have a young family and really need my family support near by.
  4. I think all design vacancies seem in short supply. As you already said you are more than willing to teach other D+Tsubjects which should make you highly employable, and if you are newly qualified- well you have the added advantage over us oldies that you are cheaper- and so far more likely to get snapped up. Can you also offer Health and Social care? ( I found my experiences having a family enabled me to do a far better job teaching this. What did you do prior to your PGCE? - could that also widen your search.
    From my experiences- it appears more a case of who as opposed to what you know. Can you volunteer in a variety of local secondary schools ( state and private) as a way to get your foot in the door and to build up your experience? Check first if they offer Food GCSE or A Level or Catering. Or offer to run a cooking club for a few weeks each term- even set up your own cooking club on Saturdays? Many community colleges are looking for people to set up and run Saturday community classes for children, although I sympathise that with young children yourself, the timings may not suit you.
    I am sad to say I have noticed some schools employing D+T teachers to teach KS3 Food which they do brillliantly- however when they are expected to teach KS4 Food they are understandably struggling. Good luck with your job search, hopefully something will come up soon.
  5. That's a shame as we have a DT post going at our school. However, we are in the Midlands...bit of a long commute each day!

    Good luck with your search


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