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Food Technology Teachers - how many?

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by mmm...Milk, Nov 18, 2009.

  1. mmm...Milk

    mmm...Milk New commenter

    I am currently on supply having failed to get one of the 4 that were advertised and I was interviewed for. So much for the shortage of food tec teachers.There aren't even any jobs to apply for. I am now being told that food tec supply teachers are like hens teeth so I am just wondering exactly how many unemployed / supply foodies there are out there who can teach food at GCSE.

  2. mmm...Milk

    mmm...Milk New commenter

    I am currently on supply having failed to get one of the 4 that were advertised and I was interviewed for. So much for the shortage of food tec teachers.There aren't even any jobs to apply for. I am now being told that food tec supply teachers are like hens teeth so I am just wondering exactly how many unemployed / supply foodies there are out there who can teach food at GCSE.

  3. I too am an unemployed Food/Textiles teacher (NQT) and keep being told that 'we are in short supply'. Even supply work is non existent so far except for the odd school 40/50 miles away. I live in a reasonable sized city but due to Cover Supervisors there is nothing. I thought, and correct me if I'm wrong, that Ofsted was all for weeding out so called 'poor teachers' under the awful Chris whatisname, so why are cover teachers used when they don't actually have to be teachers in the first place? I have signed up with four agencies and I'm not even getting day-to-day placements. I'm so fed up!
  4. Me too....there are no jobs appearing, I just reckon everyone is hanging on in there, better the devil and all that. Im giving up trying to be honest. Im UPS and really feel as though I have no hope :-( . Fingers crossed for us all that some will appear by Christmas.
  5. Hi,
    I am a Food Technology teacher and have worked on supply for the last 10 yrs, this was out of choice. I have really enjoyed my last 10 yrs and am very proud of the job I have done but unfortunately work has dried up and I have only worked for 2 days this year as a Food Tech teacher. Food Tech teachers where like hens teeth but unfortunately there are quite a lot of us now, there are a lot more people training as Food Technology teachers. With the drop in the pupil numbers at secondary level schools are reducing their Food Tech departments and many are not recruiting Food Tech teachers to replace those who are retiring. A school I worked in a few years ago had 3 Food Tech teachers and now they are down to one and many other school I have worked in have a much small department now. Good luck in your job hunting its worth trying to offer another subject as well.
  6. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    Secondary schools will be gearing up for the introduction of the Licence to Cook scheme, whereby 11-16 year old pupils will have an entitlement to cook every week from 2011 (or is it 2012?) Some schools are sending teachers of other subjects on conversion courses as provision for some other subjects will have to be cut-back.
    I've heard of textiles teachers, for instance, being trained to take on a partial Food tech timetable.
    I've been accepted onto the training programme but can't access it at present as all the training days are in Leicestershire, Reading, London etc. I'm hoping to be ready for getting supply or permanent FT by 2011 to see out my last few years of work with fairly consistent work. I'm holding onto the hope that they won't be able to use Cover Supervisors in a practical subject!
  7. I finished my PGCE in 2009 and have not had an interview nor a reply to any of my applications. I took the step to train as a food teacher as it looked very promising being a shortage area. I am just very glad that I was given a bursary whilst training or things would be even more depressing. I am now working in the food industry but this is not my preferred choice. I am tempted to give this job up and try supply teaching but I am a little afraid that there will not be much work here either.

  8. I think a lot of food practical is being done by Cs's with a food hygiene certificate. Which is better than nothing I suppose.
    There was a debate on the CS forum a few months ago, as some CS's were being asked to do food practicals.
    Food tech has gone in swings and roundabouts IMO. When the curriculum reforms kicked off in the nineties the powers that be wanted it to be all about a technology with loads of theory. So the Food Tech teachers delivered what they were told to deliver admirably.
    So after swinging one way towards food as a technology they now want to swing back into it being a craft with Licence to Cook.
    So the powers that be will invest money on training teachers to do Licence to Cook (an amount of money) which the politicians will banner as themselves investing in teaching, but schools will do things through the back door and will be running CS's through food hygiene training as it will be cheaper.
    If I was younger I would be emigrate away from these fudges and waffle.
  9. I am unfortunately from a dreaded agency you all speak of, however I have a Food Technology position that I am looking to fill from September to December. This was previously unavailable but ironically the individual who was in set to be in the position has called me this morning and said she doesn't want to travel the distance required and has found something closer to home (abeit less days a week).

    I realise everyone is going to look at this and say 'big coincidence, we're all discussing Food Tech jobs and this bloke miraculously has a position to fill!' This is a genuine role I'm looking to fill and not just an effort to 'bump up' the numbers of teachers on my 'books'. I work exclusively with the school in question, so no other agency will be able to offer this position. The role would suit someone in the East Midlands but is also easily reachable from South Yorkshire, I don't wish to go into to many details on here but would welcome doing so over the phone.

    Once again this is a genuine position so please call David on 0114 2412260 or message me on here and I will forward my company e-mail address, (TES rules prevent me from putting it on the open forum).

    I look forward to hearing from you
  10. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    I trained under the Lincence To Cook initiative last year and have had very little work on supply and have found nothing to apply for in my area.
    I had the list of the 192 Boys' schools nationwide that had no Food Technology department and would have to be setting one up for Sept 2011 (for KS3 at least). I noted down the Boys'schools in my region and have been checking their websites regularly for details of their new vacancy in FT. Zilch!
    One website has a paragraph about the proposed introduction of FT in Sept for KS3 but no job has been advertised.
    Further investigation has uncovered that this new government may be rescinding the Licence To Cook requirement for all pupils to be studying Food Tech as part of CDT. Their emphasis is on the academic subjects and the EBACC qualification. It should be good news for me, either way as I'm an MFL teacher too but I've had no MFL work this year on supply and there are not many permanent jobs aadvertised in that discipline either.
    Conclusion: schools are requiring teachers with no experience in Food Tech or MFL to teach those subjects and/or they are using unqualified staff to fill in.
    When they come to their senses and realise that having a trained teacher is preferable, the likes of me will have departed the scene as I'm not prepared to waste another year earning between around the£3k mark and spending a significant part of that on petrol getting to schools 40 or 50 miles away!
  11. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    The Licence To Cook website, by the way, is disappearing as of 31st July 2011 so if you use it and have a teacher/school password, download what you need a.s.a.p!

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