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Food Tech - Food experiments

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by ashypops, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. I am a trainee teacher completing my final placement.
    Next week I have been asked to teach an interactive and exciting food lesson to Y9, I have been given free reign with this and have chosen to do a session on some food experiments and making their own simple products..
    So far I have :
    finding the Iron in breakfast cereals using a pestle & mortar and a magnet
    and making butter using cream, a jar and some shaking.

    Could anyone let me know if there are any others which are fun, interesting and informative.

    Many Thanks
  2. Sherbet using Citric acid and icing sugar and a bit of Bicarbonate of soda.( good as a plenary)
    ADDITIVES experiments ( I know additives can be a bit dull, but they usually enjoy it.
    Colourings- Lime juice/ lemonade or pineapple jelly- colour 4 different colours ask them to say the flavour- smell it, taste it, then reveal they are all the same and that colours influence the perception of flavour.
    Look at the ingredients on smarties to guess the colour( carotene, spinachm copper
    Emulsifiers- water in bottle with oil( immiscible); Add some egg youk- temporary emulsion
    Stabilisers= Add mustard powder= stabilises the emulsion.
    Anti oxidants- Grate Apple and potatoe and leave on plate to oxidise( potato goes really black)
    Cover some grated apple/ potatoe with lemon juice and it doesn't.
    Raising Agents
    Yeast experiments using boiling tubes in a warm water bath+ balloons and adding different substances to the yeast- e.g boiling water, cold water, salt, excess sugar and a control.
    Raising agents= bicarbonate of soda in plastic bottle attach balloon filled with vinegar shake it
    and watch CO2 produced= the raising agent from Acid+ alkali.( safety glasses and going outside needed)
    My year 10's usually love pasta- if you have a pasta machine( there is usually a member of staff who has one kicking about in a cupboard somewhere- 2 or 3 make the lesson even easier)
    Make up aload of dough in the mixer-
    colour it about 2/3 colours
    Let them Roll it, shape it fill it then boil it.( never tastes that great though)
    hopefull there might be something there
  3. That is brilliant.. Thank you so much.
    I will be using most of these for certain.
    A great help.
    Thank you.
  4. lapinrose

    lapinrose Star commenter

    Add an egg and cook in salted water. One of my year 9's made Vampire pasta, he coloured the pasta black, cut out bat shapes (using halloween cutters) and served with a blood red tomato sauce.

  5. That's an innovative way to create a pasta dish.
    I may recreate that to present to pupils to get them thinking

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