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Food room displays / Teach Food Technology

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by VickyHiorns, Jul 12, 2009.

  1. Thank you Lucy, I have just applied for this. Pls can you advise which GCSE course would be most suitable to start at GCSE. Most of the pupils will never have done any food technology before and are of low ability and some EAL, so not a course which is a lot of theory.
  2. Thank you Lucy, I have just applied for this.
    Could you please advise me as to which GCSE we should start with in Food Technology. Pupils who may opt for this have n0ot done any food tech before,are low ability and many EAL. There are so many different course and don't know where to start even! Would appreciate any advise you can offer.
  3. janharper

    janharper Occasional commenter

    I have stopped paying for the Flickr account so it is only showing my last 200 photos, but they are still available to see in the Classroom Display Pool.
    Most recently uploaded are first. At the moment they are on page 15, but will obviously go further back with more uploaded. http://www.flickr.com/groups/classrmdisplays/pool/page15/
    They are under my name Mrs J Harper.
    Thanks for positive emails.
  4. Vicky
    I am part of the team that runs the Teach Food Technology programm and Licence to Cook nationally and you should realise that they are two quite different programmes. I would highly recommend Teach Food Technology for you. It is a five day course with additional mentoring by an experienced food teacher. Its specifically designed for non food technology trained teachers such as you - we have had science teachers, PE, music and other D&T teachers join the courses. The main reason that you should join the course is that it is FREE, (DCSF funded), led by the top national experts in food technology and the places are going fast. There will only be training until march 2011 - that's only one more year.
    To be clear, the Licence to Cook was a programme for <u>experienced</u> food tchnology teachers to refocus their teaching - it was a CPD programme to prepare teachers for the entitlement to cook in 2008, the scheme is almost finished now as nearly all schools have been trained.
    The Licence to Cook briefings are now taking place in small groups, you may be lucky to spend a day, but often these are shorter- as you can see not a replacement for TFT. Also TFT is not just about the 2008 entitlement to cook it prepares you for the new 2011 KS3 requirements. TFT will cover the Licemce to Cook as part of the 5 days.
    I hope that helps, but do contact the team if they can help. The Teach Food Technology website has all the informartion you need www.teachfoodtechnology.org.uk
    or contact
    cooking@ssatrust.org.uk or info@data.org.uk
    Best of luck
    PD on your question of display we give away beautiful posters if you are a member or subscribe the Designing magazine www.data.org.uk Display probelm solved.
  5. It is very hard to get colourful dispalys or charts for free. British Nutrition Foundation sell some posters, really great. Classroom resources give one free poster , get on their websiteand apply.
    Otherwise take photos of children's work and print on A3 and laminate.
    Year 11 coursework final practical pictures are normally inspirational for the younger ones. If you have done competition work even better.
    Beg from retailers or ask pupils if any of their parents work in supermarkets and beg them.
    That is what I did .
    Hope it helps

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