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Food room displays / Teach Food Technology

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by VickyHiorns, Jul 12, 2009.

  1. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can make a great classroom display in my food room? I'm new to teaching food (taught science up till I left to have my children in 2002) and am returning to work on a part-time basis one year contract. I am keen to have this extended as it fits in very well with my children so want to wow my new department with a great display! I have tried printing from google images but the quality isn't good enough. Any ideas?

    Also, does anyone have any experience of the Teach Food Technology initiative? For QTS teachers to convert to Food. Seeing as I have a post lined up for September should I bypass this and ask for Licence to Cook training instead?
  2. janharper

    janharper Occasional commenter

    Food room displays.
    Go to the British Nutrition Foundation website. There are lots of Powerpoints, posters, and photographs illustrating action skills that all make great wall displays. www.nutrition.org.uk
    Look in Education then Teachers Centre.
    Their sister site www.foodafactoflife.org.uk is also excellent.
    If you post your e-mail I can send you photos of displays I've done in the past using those resources plus others.
  3. Hi Vicky,

    I was just about to write a post asking exactly the same thing!! I DEFINATLY need some inspiring ideas about what I could do with my new classroom as I'm moving schools and am inheriting a classroom that needs a bit of TLC.

    I have spent the last week carefully taking everything down so I can use it at my next school where I first need to put some stimulating visual images up on the walls to get the students interested in food and make the food rooms a bit more interesting that what they are at the moment... I have 2 classrooms to decorate (a theory room and a kitchen).

    I have been asking companies if they have any posters or resources or PoS spare that I could put up! Quite a few people have been helpful but I need to go round the supermarkets and ask in store, I did this a year ago and they really werent helpful but I think that might just be the nature of the people who live here (thats why im leaving :)

    Check out the websites Jan suggested as there are loads of things on there you can print. Usually if I laminate things they reflect the light and are too shiney to read when they are on the walls so if you can afford it print posters out on photo glossy/matt paper... I am also thinking about purchasing an colour A3 printer that I could use at home because A3 displays look really good.

    Are you teaching GCSE because I have had a whole area of wall space dedicated to their coursework and a section of wall for careers and catering courses that has always attracted a lot of attention.

    Also ( I just remembered) last year I uploaded some lithograph drawings of equipment I made on coloured paper to brighten up my classroom! Also on the resources bit or maybe it was on helenhudspith website I got a fantastic powerpoint of a factory producing muffins -i printed off the slides on A4.

    Keywords are also good to have dotted around (I have found that Ariel or comic sans are the best fonts to read and and print in blue rather than black.

    I did a display called "to be or not to be organic" and one on the welfare of chickens -you have to be careful so your displays arent biased, Although I grimice at Supermarkets Value ranges of meat and eggs etc

    The vegeterian society will send you heaps of stuff and wall posters -but becareful and read the small print at the bottom of the posters as it is extremly biased.

    I have had a Homework of the week display and a WOW board because the thing that the students really love is seeing their work up on the walls, so take lots and lots of pics of the students proudly showing off their finished products or just leave their heads out of the picture.

    Hope that helps! Good luck with your new post and your decorating! email me if you need anything else, im going in over the summer to sort out my classrooms so if you want I can send you some pics once I have finished!

    All the best, Nicki :)

    P.S. Hi Jan (and anyone else) if you dont mind please could you email me as I would love to see some pics of your classroom to get inspired and motivated with some new ideas........ thanks
  4. gosh I dont know why on earth it has just removed all the paragraphs :-( sorry about that, my super long message is really hard to read now... anyhow was also going to ask if anyone has painted their display boards black and stenciled around the edge rather than use those impossible rolls of display paper?
  5. KHL


    Display students' work. Its good for them to see that their work is valued, and making posters for HW can reinforce teaching points in lesson. Some of them are as good as / better than things you can buy. Certainly Y7 & 8 rise to the challenge well - we set safety posters, healthy eating posters & mood boards (connected to a "foreign foods" project) which all bring in good results.
    The vegetarain society also do some good (free!) posters.
  6. Can I judt state the value of having the sensory vocabulary somewhere on the wall. I got it from The TES website and ahve used it on the wall as well as in theworkbooks we give out for L2C. I also rely on the good old free magazines from Somerfield for great recipes and brilliant colour pictures that the children can cut out if they finih something early.
  7. Thank you very much for your feedback everyone. Bubblegum, can I ask whereabouts on the website you found the sensory vocabulary?
    Also, does anyone have any pearls of wisdom regarding the second part of my post ie about Licence to Cook and Teach Food Technology?

  8. janharper

    janharper Occasional commenter

    Thanks for the comments on the Sensory analysis words, they were mine. They are stuck with double sided tape down on the pillars between the windows. On another pillar I have key words to do with food poisoning and a thermometer.
    You might also like the Food Technology Key Words, others have said they printed them off for display. https://www.tes.co.uk/article.aspx?storycode=3002391
    You can see photos of 5 classroom displays on my Flickr account. When I'm back at work on Wed I will take and add a few more. One on using computers in Food and the other on Jenny Ridgwells Nutrition Program.
  9. janharper

    janharper Occasional commenter

  10. janharper

    janharper Occasional commenter

    I have added 4 more display photos to the Flickr site. Jan
  11. Hi Jan,
    Just wanted to say a big thankyou for providing me with inspiration for my new food room displays. I'm an NQT and at the moment the room is bare but it won't be that way for much longer after seeing your photo's. I have managed to find the smart foods powerpoint on the BNF website but can't seem to find the practical skills pictures you have on display - any idea's where about's they are on the website?
    Thanks again, you have been a big help.
  12. I found the pictures Jan - thanks again :)
  13. Thanks Jan,
    they are super, and certainly I am inspired to update mine over the summer. One question, how did you do the graphs with pictures on the healthy cakes favourite flavour?
    Ta, Sue.
  14. Thanks Jan for sharing these - feel very inspired to do some updating in my room
    Can you explain to a not very ICT person - how you did the headings / banner across the top of your displays - the Practical Skills one with an image before and after - Im still in the dark ages of cutting out lettering[​IMG]
  15. I think you have to check out your word document page layout OR printer settings and change them to poster printing depending on what programme you are using! Hope that helps :) glad im not the only one who is still doing school work second week into hols!
  16. I have played around with Excel, and figured out how to do the pics, thanks for inspiring me!!
  17. janharper

    janharper Occasional commenter

    Thanks for comments. Just got back from a holiday in Russia with a broken foot, so may spend sevaral hours on the computer now!
    I will upload to the Resources area a worksheet explaining how to do the pictograms in Excel, and a copy of a heading I made in Publisher. I just call up an old one and change things in it.
  18. janharper

    janharper Occasional commenter

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