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Food Course advice needed

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by MissEtak, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. Hi all,
    Have been asked by HOD and SLT to look at the food course that we offer and others availiable. We currently are following the OCR innovator suite food technology which has the 2 exams and 2 coursework. Year 10 are already fed up with it and the coursework is dragging. Am also running the NCFE level 2 certificate in nutrition for the low ability which seems to be going well. Am thinking of changing to food and nutrition or catering but having only taught food technology reluctant without recommendation.
    What I would like to know is.....
    What food course (incl exam board) do you offer and why?
    Would be very grateful for your input. Confused by food.com!!!
    Thanks Kate :)

  2. Hi there
    We do OCR GCSE Food Tech and I have been looking for alternative courses for a couple of years now. ( if it is dragging now- you should have tried the old CWK -that was arduous). I did consider the GSCE Food+ Nutrition but as it is the same % exam and coursework and I looked at the exam I feel our students ( many SEN) would find the nutrition bit harder than the Food Technology . However I think the OCR Food+ Nutrition GCSE would be better suited to our brighter students, so if you are already doing the NCFE level 2 for the lower ability students, then the Food and Nutrition could be the way to go.
    I also looked at Catering+ Hospitality- both appear to have exams and I feel our students would also struggle with the exam bits( french culinary terms).
    Can I be cheeky and ask you about the NCFE level 2 certificate in nutrition, as it sounds ideal for our SEN students. What is it worth in terms of GCSE's ? Is it a Full GCSE?
    Does it contribute to the overall point score?
    Many thanks
  3. For the last 5 years we have been doing the WJEC GCSE Catering course. There is a lot of practical in it and students cook different dishes each week.
    <font size="3">We have had excellent results each year with low ability student doing really well. With specifications changing we are now doing the WJEC GCSE Hospitality and Catering &ndash; Catering Single Award which is very similar to the old course. There is a controlled assessment in Year 10 for 20 %, controlled assessment for year 11 for 40% and a theory exam at the end of year 11 for 40%. The course is very popular with students and one I can really recommend.</font>
  4. Hi,
    The NCFE nutrition course is brilliant for the lower ability. Its comprioses of 3 assignments which are done over the year in our case. the students have the oppertunity to retake and improve the assignments with detailed feedback from the teacher. If they complete all 3 assignments then they recieve a pass which is worth 46 points which is equal to a B grade at GCSE.
    I have adapted our course to include budgeting and life skills so the pupils gain more from it. If you want any more info im happy to share.
  5. Kate,
    I am very interested in this course for my lower ability students, as I have a number of students who are not going to get a higher grade pass the traditional way and I am under incredible pressure to achieve higher results.
    Could you please send me further info, e.g. example work (classwork and assignments, sow etc).
  6. Hello Kate.
    That course really does sound interesting for our lower ability students- who really struggle with exams. I would be so greatful if you could send me an example of CWK assignments and SOW.
    I will gladly provide examples of SOW's for GCSE OCR Food Tech Year 10+ 11 and examples of support sheets that we develop.
    My details are hmiller@burleigh.leics.sch.uk
    Many thanks

  7. We've experienced a fair bit of success with WJEC food and nutrition. I trained as a home economics teacher 20 odd years ago and grew to hate food technology with a passion. I'm really enjoying teaching this course and the students are learning what they hoped to learn when they opted for food (ie how to cook.) I've also found WJEC to be very helpful as well.
  8. thistledoo

    thistledoo Senior commenter

    Can anyone help with the delivery of WJEC GCSE Hospitality & Catering? We were told last year that we had to teach a Hospitality course and chose this one because it seemed more interesting than the BTEC equivalent. I have had to hand over the introduction and delivery of this course to our younger (very keen) member of the department. We have ordered a a tool kit type file with basic planning & task sheets... it still has not arrived. I am planning the delivery of the new BTEC H&SC courses where the specifications have changed this year and I feel I need to give more support to my younger member of staff, however my time is at a premium and I feel stretched with shared classes, planning two schemes where there there should only be one.... in total five new schemes at once and we are in an OFSTED year! Any help, any pointers to websites would be gratefully received. We would be willing to share our License 2 Cook & H&SC resources!
  9. rosehill

    rosehill New commenter

    kate can you please send me any examples and information on this couse many thanks jane


  10. Gypseytinker who is the chief examiner for this course has put some resources, sow etc on the resources section of this site which may be of use to you.
  11. Should have added that the course I have mentioned is the WJEC Hospitality and Catering course.
  12. I know this is an older post but I am starting to teach OCR Food and Nutrition and any resources would be helpful


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