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Fond memories of the racist PGCE Lecturer in Wales 2006

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by speechcompanyinfo, Dec 2, 2019.

  1. speechcompanyinfo

    speechcompanyinfo New commenter

    "the English are a mongrel race with a mongrel language" she screeched at us, with one eye on the English students in the class. This strange person was a Primary School educator, who had been given the job to teach Secondary PGCE students, some of whom she hated due to the location of their birth.
    The fun didn't stop there.
    Strap in for this one. She did the following
    1) Sent letters to the placement schools full of malicious and untrue remarks about a few of the trainees. This meant that the first few days of each placement, were very weird for the trainees, who had no idea that their character and integrity had been trashed 100%

    2) Failed the essays of the trainees whom she had been glaring out,,.. mostly for being English... or just existing, we didn't know.

    3) Her feedback was full of phrases like "and there you are … droning on" and "you're never going to be anything but tedious and pathetic are you?" Followed by an imitation of your voice and "I'm a celebrity get me outa here" as if that was something that a PGCE trainee would say.

    4) Her lack of knowledge about the subject at Secondary level, didn't seem to bother her or bother the authorities either.... so rather than learn to do our job, we got a lot of Welsh nationalist propaganda, and some enthusiastic stories about drug taking in the seventies too.... Oh, an where to get magic mushrooms amid the countryside.

    5) she was very keen on the occult and hated Christians.

    Eventually, I heard that the University replaced her, but I also heard that the anti-English racism went on for many years, but doesn't exist now.
  2. MathMan1

    MathMan1 New commenter

    Crikey! Let's hope that they're part of a sample size of one and not indicative of a trend anywhere!?!?
  3. speechcompanyinfo

    speechcompanyinfo New commenter

    I had a English friend who did the Primary a few years before 2006. She had to go to the Union about the racism problem. I have heard they now "Embrace Diversity", which made me laugh.
  4. speechcompanyinfo

    speechcompanyinfo New commenter

    Actually Math Man - this lecturer was such a character as to be Dickensian, (ooops English writer), and I suspect she will appear in a novel, if she hadn't already. One of the students has already published a book. She successfully put pretty much everyone off teaching as a career, since there was no foundation of knowledge from which to go into the classroom and teach.
  5. Corvuscorax

    Corvuscorax Star commenter

    we faced a certain amount of racism in Scotland too
    speechcompanyinfo likes this.
  6. Corvuscorax

    Corvuscorax Star commenter

    yes, and yes! brilliant it is too
  7. speechcompanyinfo

    speechcompanyinfo New commenter

    It happens in Scotland too?

    Ah, really? so its not just a "welsh" thing? I'm sorry to hear about that - mind you - those who were on the course got a HUGE laugh at of it. Gallows humour perhaps?

    I have a theory that some people get an identity via hatred, and so the more they "hate the English", (or any other group of people) the more they "know who they are"... Like a security blanket.
    Corvuscorax likes this.

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