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Focus Education Maths Tests

Discussion in 'Primary' started by sarah_abrahams, Nov 19, 2015.

  1. sarah_abrahams

    sarah_abrahams New commenter


    I wanted to see if anyone else has bought into the Focus Education Maths Tests and what they think of them? Also, how are you logging the results as not all of the objectives covered in the test fit with the non-negotiables.

  2. ERU

    ERU New commenter

    I've not used them yet, but we have them... So can't comment on logging yet.

    We are using a 9 point scale for each child and tracking as: 63 (which means year 6 / point 3). We have also decided on percentages for each point. Crazily we have all gone back to a paper based system to do this!

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