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FM2 film studies

Discussion in 'Media studies' started by sunnyfi, May 16, 2011.

  1. Has anyone seen the paper today yet. What were the questions like? spoke to students after they seemed okay but haven't seen it yet

  2. Yeah I thought it was a great paper but that may not mean good results first year teaching Film Studies but not teaching . The horror section for B was fab and the section C was based around Halloween v Scream which students said after was quite accessible. I love teaching section B and C . My only worry is if everyone thought it was good then my students may not do too well . Iliked section A as we had recently looked at Avatar -
    Thanks for getting back to me do you do horror for B what do you do for C
  3. Sorry Sunni, for the really slow delay to your post I've only just checked TES!
    In answer to your question for Section B I've taught both Horror and Working Titles, Horror is often more enjoyable, but if you're short of time (as I was this year!) Working Title was the easier option as it was simply quicker to teach
    Section C, I tend to focus on youth related films, most year's my students have yeilded pretty good results based on this, I really tend to look at films that have a really strong social or political message, strong representational ideas and characters. This year I taught Fame 1980 and the remake in 2009. I was thinking about the concept of celebrity culture and the meaning of Fame, it allowed me to explore big ideas around these issues and then link it back to how the audiences perception of Fame has been changed irrevesibly because of reality TV shows and the idea that anybody can be famous
    In addition to this Fame 1980, is totally reflective of the massive changes in NewYork during 70's,politically, socially and economically, the kids really seemed to be interested in this and hopefully it was a good plan this year (I say this not knowing my results yet!!)
    Other year's I've contrasted an iconic youth movie like Ferris Buelliers Day Off, with a totally independent almost shocking independent movie call Kids, again this allows you to teach really key ideas surrounding the representation of youth, plus issues surrounding class, and again social and economic issues raised or reflected by both films.
    Having attended several inset days by the WJEC, they really seem to like films with alot of representational ideas within them, what they seem to want is the kids to engage with films that are outside there comfort zone, again this is why I choose a film that the kids may know and something to contrast it with
    As tempting as it is to teach horror in both sections, this can sometimes backfire as it's not necessarily a broad enough exposure to films for the kids to really access the higher grades.
    As I said this is just what I do, it works for me, but i think as a teacher you need to teach films you love, as then this may just stick with your student's!!
    Good luck with your summer results!!

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