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Flu jab in pregancy - has it affected baby?

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by tortuga, Dec 19, 2010.

  1. tortuga

    tortuga New commenter

    I'm just deliberating whether to have the flu jab this year and wondered whether anyone in this forum could help me decide. I'm in the second trimester, I've already had a miscarriage this year, so am trying to do as much research as possible. Did anyone have the flu jab last year when pregnant in the second trimester? If so, did it have any negative affects on your baby?
    I have read a US report stating that women who have had the jab in pregnancy helped to immunise their babies when they are newborn and up to 6 months. I have never had a flu jab before, so am not sure how my body would react to it. Thanks in advance to any replies.
  2. Hi and congratulations. I was in the 2nd trimester of my pregnancy this time last year and had the swine flu jab. I had a sore arm for a couple of days but no other side effects. My LO is now 7 months old and is fit and healthy! I'm not sure if it has any actual immunizing effect on baby... perhaps your doctor can help you on that one. I also found it a difficult decision to make but in the end figured it was the right thing to do for me and baby. Good luck
  3. tortuga

    tortuga New commenter

    Thanks for your relpy La Mariposa, it's great to hear that you and your LO are fine and healthy after the jab.
  4. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    I'm 21 weeks pregnant and debating whether or not to have it. I've never had one before either so don't know how i'd react. What to do??
  5. I would say have it. http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/health-and-families/health-news/mumoffour-with-swine-flu-fights-for-life-2164843.html
  6. Millie dog

    Millie dog New commenter

    I had the swine flu jab last year and now have a very healthy 9 month old! Full of beans and making every development milestone. I didn't even get a sore arm when i had it (unlike others). It was the hot topic of conversation at my ante natal classes and only you can make the decision as to whether it is right for you. I was lucky as my mum works in the health profession so got a bit of insider info and i didn't hesitate to get it done.
    best of luck with your pregnancy!
    PS - the swine flu jab gives does not give your newborn any protection once their born.
    PPS - i had a threatened miscarriage at 14 weeks, still went ahead with flu jab and had no ill effects.
  7. I had the swine flu jab at about 25 weeks pregnant last December. Side effects were minimal, sore arm and I felt a bit tired. I wasn't going to get immunised but I went ahead because several people at work caught swine flu last year.
    my daughte is very healthy.
    Good luck xx
  8. tortuga

    tortuga New commenter

    Happy New Year everyone.
    Thanks ever so much for all your positive replies. I booked an appointment after I posted this thread and am having the jab next Tuesday. Your replies have put my mind at ease, so thanks for taking the time to post. [​IMG]

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