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flowol solution to bridge light

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by SimonNorth, Feb 7, 2016.

  1. SimonNorth

    SimonNorth New commenter

    I am teaching flowchart and will use flowol for the first time.
    I am aware there are online solutions to flowol bridge light but I have been unable to find it. Does anybody have the flowol solution either as picture, PowerPoint or other form. We are using an old version of flowol.
    Also flowol solution to light house will be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

  2. madcat

    madcat Occasional commenter


    BTW it is never a good idea to put your full email on public sites like this - that figure on the RHS gives an indication of how many robots trawl through here looking for just such info.
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  3. i4004

    i4004 New commenter

    If you are a beginner and you students are beginners, avoid the bridge lights! However, all the solutions are in the PDF Tutorial which you can access via the program or website. You should work through this but as in the company name, 'Keep IT Easy' - build up gradually with this. Teaching them traffic light sequences....

    However, for the lighthouse, which I use as an intro,


    Turn lamp on
    Wait 0.5 s
    Turn lamp off
    Wait 0.5s

    loop back to lamp on

    Then, if they get that and see a flashing light, and save it etc. you could move on to adding the condition that the sun is on/off. This goes immediately after start. The 'no' goes to lamp on, the 'yes' returns to itself i.e. it loops eternally back to the question, 'is the sun on?' so that it waits until the sun is off before trundling off down the flashing thing.
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  4. jollyjokermark

    jollyjokermark New commenter


    As mentioned above, get the students to play with it,
    have them flash red amber green, suitable delay before other side starts off (ask them why)
    extension, red, red and amber, green, just amber, red.
  5. SimonNorth

    SimonNorth New commenter

    Hi I have just completed the double bridge traffic light as per solution from the website:

    both sets of traffic lights work.

    However the British traffic lights are
    Amber and red


    Should i use this or the solution from the website?
  6. wanet

    wanet Star commenter

    When i last taught this, some time ago now, the biggest problem was that students didn't know the sequence of the lights. At the time this seemed a greater problem than Flowol instructions.
  7. SimonNorth

    SimonNorth New commenter

    OK; I should expect that students might not know the sequence of traffic lights but should I teach them the solution that is on the website or sequence of the real UK traffic light system?

    Amber and red

    Then from Green
  8. AyeTea

    AyeTea New commenter

    I give them a couple of weeks to investigate how it really is - with the usual health and safety caveats. I then use old public information films and some driving instructor videos to demo in the classroom. For designing their sequence I have table of repeating pairs of traffic lights that they can colour in and say how long each sequence takes. In my mixed ability classes about 25% run with it, 50% need to revisit the videos and work together, and the last quarter find it really tricky, so I go through it with them again sequence by sequence slowing the videos down.

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