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Flowers by post

Discussion in 'Personal' started by blue powder monkey, Jan 23, 2011.

  1. Any recommendations for ordering flowers online would be gratefully received. I am not inspired by M & S, Interflora or Next at the moment.

    John Lewis look like good value and they offer free delivery.

    Looking for something a little "different" for daughter's 18th.
    Thank you.
    (Our local florists are not good....)
  2. I use JOhn Lewis or M&S. I have never liked the Next ones.
  3. I have also used John Lewis ... very happily
  4. Mangleworzle

    Mangleworzle Star commenter

  5. Thank you both, will have a look at suggestions. The crocus website looks good. Just remembered Sarah Raven too but she may be expensive.
  6. I've used Blooming Delightful and they were good and inexpensive.
  7. Flying Flowers. They come from Channel Island, or they used to. I use them all the time.
  8. Thank you for helpful suggestions, will have a look at them both.
  9. Bunches are good too - they come with chocs and you can get slightly unusual things such as sprays of orchids!
  10. Thanks all - I'm spoilt for choice - wouldn't go wrong with any of your suggestions.
  11. At my grandmother's request, I only use interflora when I send her flowers, she says they last the best. If you ring them, they'll make a bouquet to your requirements, rather than one of their brochure arrangements.
  12. TBH Interflora can be so very variable as they are not a flower company only a broker ... clearly your Gran has a good florist who is used by Interflora ... not the same situation everywhere
  13. Still disappointed at flowers I sent to my stepmum from Tescos. They cost me £24 and there were so few flowers in the arrangement. Really not worth it.
  14. I've used Interflora and Bunches recently. Bunches were better
  15. dusty67

    dusty67 New commenter

    I always use clare florist. They come in an impressive box too, adding to the effect

  16. Thank you for the responses - much appreciated.
  17. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    A lovely box of flowers arrived at my house a couple of ears back on Feb 14th. Sadly we had not ordered them nor had anyome else we knew. I phones the firm and they told me that they should have gone to a house over the road and that they would send a van out to pick them up. I said that I would pop them over and did so. A couple of days later the form sent me another bunch of flowers as a thankyou!
  18. marshypops

    marshypops New commenter

    This happened to me, the flowers should have gone to someone else, I rang the company and found out the address and redelivered, the next day I had a lovely rose pot plant as thanks.
  19. Can thoroughly endorse these. My Mum always used them to send me freesias and I started using them myself a few years ago.
    Always absolutely wonderful and they are temperature delivered.

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