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Floor targets

Discussion in 'Ofsted inspections' started by Rachste, Dec 7, 2011.

  1. Rachste

    Rachste New commenter

    Are there published floor targets for KS1 and 2 anywhere?
  2. Rachste

    Rachste New commenter

    Are there published floor targets for KS1 and 2 anywhere?
  3. These are now called floor standards. There are none for KS1. For KS2 the floor standards are that 60% of pupils reach Level 4 in maths and English combined. The 'old' floor standards in separate subjects have been discontinued.
    Also, and I don't understand this one to be honest even though countless people have tried to explain it to me...' A school will be below the floor if fewer pupils than average make average progress between KS1 and KS2.' That's a direct quote from the DfE website. Average is the median isn't it? This means that by definition, 50% of schools will be below floor.
    Another issue then is the new 2012 framework which, if floor standards are not met means that it is likely the school cannot be better than satisfactory, under achievement.
  4. OK, I've just been looking into this big time. There are some contradictory messages between DfE publications. The white paper makes floor standards very clear in paragraph 6.26 : 'A school will be below the floor if fewer than 60%...achieve level 4 in both English and maths and fewer pupils than average make the expected levels of progress between KS1 and KS2'
    This is a very different message to that given on the DfE website and on the recent publication 'Underperforming schools and deprivation'
    If therefore a school had a combined L4 of 50% but pupils were making better progress than the median, then it is meeting floor standards.

  5. The progress threshold is the national median of pupils making two levels of progress between KS1 and KS2. This is 87% in English and 86% in Maths. However, you must be below the median in BOTH subjects to be under the floor. If EITHER subject is above the median you are NOT below the floor.
    Therefore, to 'qualify' for the floor standard three conditions must all be met:
    • Less than 60% L4 at Maths and English AND
    • Less than 87% progress in English AND
    • Less than 86% progress in Maths
    (Where progress is defined as the percentage of pupils making two or more levels between KS1 and KS2.)
  6. Hi, thanks - are those progress medians still correct for 2011? (only I notice the 2010 medians are identical)
    Also - what is/are the similar floor target(s) for KS4?
    Anyone know of good information sources / documents for this info?
  7. Also note that only 1 of the 3 conditions needs to be met in order to for the floor standard to be met.
    Only if all 3 are not met is a school considered to have failed the overall floor
  8. In secondary the national progress medians are as follows :
    Maths national median = 65% English national median=72%

    This is from this DfE publication

  9. I am still not clear about the reported levels for English this year. Our reading is better than our writing and would help to shore up some pupils and achieve the two levels progress expected. If however they are reported separately ( as some people think they will be) the picture will be different. With writing being teacher assessed and reading levelled according to a threshold mark as usual, how could an overall level be worked out? I am a DHT with a y6 class making good progress now, but having come through special measures, a class which needed much earlier consistently good teaching. As a school, we have come a long way, but under the new floor standards: combined L4+ will be 50%, and we may miss the progress by a few percent in each subject this year. Help.....
  10. dusty67

    dusty67 New commenter

    Your reported levels are on the DFE performance tables and in your RAISE report.
    Yes, they do include reading and writing. Very frustratingly, they also include the KS! S&L grade. I had a pupil go from 2B to 4 in writing and 3 to 5 in reading. But she didn't count as making two levels progress as she had Lv3 in speaking and listening at end of KS1, so should have got 5 overall in English at KS2

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