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floor targets - clarification needed

Discussion in 'Assessment' started by leavinglondon, Jun 29, 2011.

  1. Anyone??? Pleeease...
  2. As far as I know:
    There aren't floor targets for KS1.
    The floor target for KS2 is 65% achieving level 4.
    The floor target for combined attainment (English and Maths, so that's reading and writing and maths) is currently 55% but soon increasing.
  3. The floor standard for KS2 has two parts:
    1) 60% L4+ combined English and Maths (although schools within 5% will be deemed to be at risk of underachievement and the L.A. will need to let the DfE know how they will support them)
    2) Propoprtion of pupils making progress of 2 levels or more from KS1 to KS2 is below the national average
    The 60% measure was implemented for 2010 results and indications are that it will increase in the future.

  4. imc


    This is about 86%

    The old 65% floor targets in English and in Maths (separately) were replaced with the 60% combined by the new government.
  5. Yes, the old 65% floor standard for separate subjects has been replaced in favour of the combined E & M figure of 60%, however there is also a second element, which is the progress measure of 2 levels progress. I suppose it is an imperfect way of at least trying to ensure that schools with good progress but poor attainment will not always fall foul of the floor standard. Might all change for 2011 anyway - I have given up trying to second guess education policy.

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