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Discussion in 'Primary' started by abcd1985, Jan 4, 2012.

  1. My topic this half term is 'Flight' As in anything that flys......

    Any ideas grateful!!!!!!!! x
  2. My topic this half term is 'Flight' As in anything that flys......

    Any ideas grateful!!!!!!!! x
  3. The boys in my class are OBSESSED with paper planes... you could have a competition to design the paper plane that travels the best as there are a wide variety of designs and obviously changing the size of the wings etc makes a massive difference. This could be used as a sciencey thing (air resistance etc) or a DT thing. You don't say what age-group you've got but I'd do this with my year 5 class and get them to plan and evaluate their work... plus - once they've made the planes you can hang them from your ceiling! Instant display!
    Hope this is helpful :) xx
  4. ESLAB

    ESLAB New commenter

    Adding on to that, could use the paper planes in Literacy for whatever you are working on eg getting them to write a 'wow' word and then flying them across to someone else; next person adds on a character; then a setting; why? Who? Where? etc etc. Then they have to write a poem/short story etc using their plane for ideas? Kids would love to zoom paper airplanes to each other. Maybe in Maths too? First child writes a problem, flies it to someone else, they then have to answer it etc?
  5. I've done this before with upper juniors. One year we made balsa wood gliders and tested them and another year we designed and made kites. The kite one was better for planning and evaluation purposes though.

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