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Flexible Working Request

Discussion in 'Primary' started by getupandgo, Oct 26, 2011.

  1. I wondered if anyone can give me some advice ...
    I made a formal application for Flexible Working (following a very brief informal discussion with my Head who basically said that I would have to make a formal application before she would consider it with the Govenors). I asked to work 4 days in my request. I meet all the criteria to make a formal request.
    My request was refused - my Head gave me an unsigned letter (which basically looks like it had been cut and pasted as it doesn't make much sense) setting out all but one of the business grounds for refusing the request - but with very little detail exlaining how these grounds relate to my request. I did not have a meeting with my head to discuss my application or to try and agree alternatives to my request (if need be!) as set out in the Flexible Working policy. When I asked my Head about this, she said the meeting was the part where she handed me the letter rejecting my application! This happened the day we broke up for half term and to be honest my head is still spining a bit about this! I feel really undervaled as my Head didn't even follow the correct procedure to take my request seriously!

    Does anyone have any experience of this procedure? I am not a member of a union (I have only been teaching for 3 years and didn't renew my membership this year as I am broke! Bad decision now ... I know!!!). What should/can I do about this?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. A colleague at my workplace requested this after maternity leave. It was rejected, but there was already a precedent showing that part-time hours were working elsewhere in the school. She appealed, and won because the school couldn't justofy refusing her request. She had union support, but you can challenge this without it - especially if proper procedures haven't been followed. Have you posted on the working conditions board for advice?
  3. Thanks for your reply. We do have other part time/job share workers in the school which seem to work really well.
    I will post on the forum you have suggested and see if anyone else has had similar experiences ...
    I hate confrontation and fuss and am not looking forward to returning to work next week!
    Thanks for taking the time to reply x

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