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Flexible working request

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by bradley10, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. Do you want my letter? - I have just put in my request for 0.6 - 3 days a week x
  2. emmamc252

    emmamc252 New commenter

    Sorry to nab your post, I am considering putting in for 0.6 when I return from maternity, can I stipulate that I want three full days/ particular days off?
    I have a 45min commute to work so working less hours each day wouldn't help me, my mum works Wednesdays so I really need that off as one of my days, can I ask for this or can they tell me when my hours have to be?
    Thanks for any help!
  3. I have requested 0.6 specifically 3 days! Head has told me there is no reason for it not to be accepted - I would have an informal chat with head before you hand letter in.

  4. pinkang

    pinkang New commenter

    Bradley10 may I request a copy of ur letter to look at. Im currently trying to fill one in and I cant get my words right! Any help will be greatfully recieved thank you x

  5. I imagine they will find it much easier to find someone to job share if it is two whole days!
  6. newmummy1

    newmummy1 New commenter

    Bradley10 could you email me your letter too? My email is crazy.paving@hotmail.com

    I too wanted to ask for specific days for childcare reasons. In my case 0.5 Wed pm through to Fri. Should I include this in the request? Have already talked to head about it who hasn't said yea or nea yet.
  7. I have expanded Bradley10's letter and requested specific days off.
    I am happy to share it x
  8. Hi please can I have a copy of the letter.
    I've sent you my email address in a private message because I'm really paranoid about being identified at work.
    It's early days for me but I'm trying to get organised!
    Thanks Duvetdays
  9. snowcloud

    snowcloud New commenter

  10. snowcloud

    snowcloud New commenter

    Thanks very much that's helpful.
  11. Thanks!
    I've spoken to my HT informally and it looks promising that my request will be accepted. Fingers crossed. I cannot imagine leaving my LO full time, nor would I cope with the workload. I would have to resign and look elsewhere (which would also be stressful).
    Good luck, Kittenmittens x
  12. Ladies that have been turned down, do you mind me asking what reasons you have been given?
    I'm expecting a refusal myself, but want to be ready to appeal if necessary. It's so difficult trying to work out which are legitimate reasons for refusal though. Employment law is a minefield!
  13. Hi
    Any chance I could have a look at your letter? My email address is blondieee2006@yahoo.co.uk
    I've pretty much been told by my head that she's not sure how it would work if I were to go back part time so I've clearly not got her support. I'm dreading it but want to word my letter strongly so that she will consider it.
  14. requested 0.6 - 3 days a week
    have had to accept 0.4 - alternatives were 3 1/2 days a week split (so would be working Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri am) I wouldn't feel like I was spending any time with my LO or full time. he has said things can change but I am not holding my breath.
    Hope you all have better luck.
    misstutu - not turned down but altered because he didn't want more than 2 teachers in one class (I can understand that!)
  15. Do you mean full days Mon, Tues and Thurs and half a day Fri? How will working 4 days enable you to spend more time with LO? Just curious.
    My 3 day request was turned down- had a temp 4 day contract which I've shortened to go back full time to save money for mat leave 2. In primary it's bloody hard working part time iwth a class- you still end up doing the work but without the money.
    My dream is to find a mornings only job so that I can be there to pick my girl up from school- a few years in the future yet, but have to forward plan these things! Just desperately hope one comes up. Good luck to all requesting part time.
  16. Hi please could I have a copy of your letter as I too want to return 3 days a week. Email is wiz_26@yahoo.com
  17. I believe they do. They must either give you written notice granting the application or meet with you to discuss the reasons why it's not going to be granted within 28 days.
    It is not clear as to whether the school should confirm exactly which hours you'll be working within the 28 days...i'd hazard a guess at not. However, FYI I've just been granted PT hours and my HT informed me of his answer AND told me my hours all at the same time. Try to push for an answer after the 28 days on the grounds of childcare. Any reasonable HT would do that I'm sure.
  18. Hi LIttle MIss Tidy,
    I would be so very grateful if I could possibly take a look at your letter? I'm struggling big time to know what to write.
    Many thanks (shelly_belly65@hotmail.com)
  19. What happens if they don't do this? It's now 6 weeks since I handed in my letter and I've not been contacted once...

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