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Flexible working meeting

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Kraftykreft, Dec 15, 2016.

  1. Kraftykreft

    Kraftykreft New commenter

    Ok so I put in a request to work flexibly when I return from a years maternity leave in January.

    The school where I teach breaks up for Christmas tomorrow and I've heard nothing despite numerous email requests from myself and my union rep to have a meeting.

    So can anyone advise me? What am I meant to do? Go back as normal in January? Seek legal advice? Put in a grievance? Any help would be appreciated.
  2. install

    install Star commenter

    You go back as normal and take it from there...See how you cope and try to 'talk' about what you are proposing...

    Negotiating a new contract and hours is never easy when your employer might be thinking otherwise. BUT if any change does happen check it through with your Union first.
  3. frustum

    frustum Star commenter

    The guidance doesn't seem very helpful on this. If they haven't had three months, there's probably nothing to do yet, and you go back as normal. If they've had three months, reminding them of that might be a good idea, and maybe ask for details of the grievance procedure, which might prompt some action. Presumably by now you've had to put childcare in place anyway?

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