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flexible working decision

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by bungle82, Sep 13, 2011.

  1. Just wanted some advice because I'm not sure what to do next!
    I started maternity leave in January this year and beore I started I had an informal chat with my head and told her I would probably want to return part time after having my baby.
    At the end of June I wrote my formal request for part time hours asking for 3 days if possible and keeping it flexible by saying that I had no preference for certain days.
    I had a letter to say that a meeting had been arranged for mid September to discuss my request, after looking at the flexible working guidance I spoke to my headteacher and said that I felt that this was too far away as the meeting was meant to be within 28 days of the application so a meeting was arranged for mid July in which I discussed with the head how I felt a job share and part time would work and how it would benefit the school etc.
    Towards the end of the summer holidays I had still heard nothing so I emailed my headteacher asking if any decision had been made as I needed to start sorting out childcare. She said that the governors would meet on the 9th September and asked myself and my potential jobshare partner to put together a proposal about which subjects we'd lead, how we'd plan, how we'd write reports etc which we did, although we were not invited to the meeting.
    Today I have had a letter saying that they have agreed in principle that I can work 2.5 days or 3 days but they are unable to say which days or which class. I am due to start back at the beginning of December and I still cannot book my son into a nursery as I have not had the days confirmed, I just wondered what the decision letter is meant to say, is it just a yes or no to part time or should it be more specific and indicate which days and how many? Just feel like this is really dragging on without any real decision. Any advice as to what to do next would be great. Thanks in advance.
  2. frustum

    frustum Lead commenter

    If you'd made a specific request about days in the application, I think it would have to say yes or no to the specific request, but of course you didn't. They're behind on the timescale for giving you an answer though, and it's not unreasonable to be asking for specifics now.
    Your best bet is probably just to get back to the head and explain that you need to book the nursery place (or you might not be able to return at all), and find out what the stalling point is. It may be as simple as them wanting to get the letter out without hanging about waiting to sort out who does which days. If they know they're going with your proposed jobshare partner, they may want you to agree the days between you.
  3. I know, I thought I was being helpful by not asking for certain days but it's backfired on me! I emailed the head today and explained why I need to know and her response was 'there are many things we have to look at regarding employment law and policy and are being very careful to follow the procedure' don't quite know what this means!!!!! I know that the jobshare partner has requested certain days and I am quite happy to do the other days so can't quite understand the delay.

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