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flexible working - a permanent change?

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by jumpinghoops, Apr 5, 2011.

  1. I was in a sort of similar situation albeit slightly different. I had my flexible request agreed to and a letter- but no contract- sent to me stating that I would be returning to work part time (hours stated) permanently. My school then realised they wanted to change my contract because they wanted me back full time. They asked me to sign a contract stating that my part time hours were fixed only for a year and I would them be moved onto a full time contract. I obviously said I didn't want to do this and nothing more has been said about it.
    Could you ask the Head if they are happy for you to go back part-time permanently and stress that you want something in writing before you return?
    I can understand why they may not be employing yr job-share on a permanent basis- even though they intend for your contract to be permanent part-time.If you were to get pregnant again or decide to leave for any other reason, they are then stuck with another part-time person to find a jobshare for. If they carry on rolling over yr job share's contract while you are there, this will never be an issue for them.
    Good luck,
  2. I doubt they have to make it permanent. However, you do have the right to put in another flexible working request in 12 months. If you have successfully job shared they will be on sticky ground giving you a 'business reason' why not.

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