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Flexible Route Primary

Discussion in 'Scotland - Primary' started by Ghirl1987, Mar 19, 2019.

  1. Ghirl1987

    Ghirl1987 New commenter

    Hi all, I started my probation year in primary 2014-2015 but got myself into an abusive relationship. It all got too much for me so I stopped and left teaching. I have 80 days left to do and was thinking about giving it another go. Has anyone out there completed their probation year via the Flexible Route?
  2. kb2408

    kb2408 New commenter

    I did! I was pregnant when I finished my Moray House year and decided to shelf teaching... for a long time. Eventually I returned as a classroom assistant then gained the confidence to do 280 days flexible through some teaching in the private school I taught in but also mainly through lots of supply teaching!

    It can be done, it’s not easy and it’s good to have one head who understands you’re doing the FR and can be your supporter.

    It took me a long time but I got there - you can do this too! X

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