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Flexible Primary PGCE at Bishop Grosseteste Lincoln

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by Bettalinz, Feb 14, 2010.

  1. Well they've now put a Stop on my application on Track, and the uni have said that it's to give them more time to process the application as they've a bit of a back log (although letter said it's because they're waiting for my second reference which apparently is the only way they can hold the application because they don't ask for second ref til after interview). They're apparently also waiting for more interview dates.
    And now it's half term! ARGH!
    I did read about someone who'd got an interview at one uni, but not til May and I'm really concerned that something similar will happen with BG Lincoln as that's very late and doesn't give much time for finding another option afterwards if it doesn't go well. I'll have missed Extra!
  2. Hi,
    how are you getting on with the flexi pgce course? I unfortunately did not get onto gtp and then by the time I found out the full time pgce course was full. I have just applied for the flexi pgce as there are still spaces and feel that it would actually be better for me as I am currently working at a specialist school for children with autism and would very much like to continue there on a part time basis. I was just wondering when you applied and when you had your interview? Also, I wondered if you could tell me what sort of questions you were asked in your interview. If I am lucky enough to get an interview at this late stage that is the part that I am most nervous about.
  3. Hi there

    I studied at bg for my undergrad. Loved it there, I hope you get on!

  4. Hi Amy,
    I'm loving the course. It's hard work, as we're still expected to do the same amount of work as full timers, and all of the teaching is done in the first 3 terms, you just have longer to do your placements (including assessed ones) as you can take up to 9 terms to complete that aspect, although 4 or 5 is the usual. A lot of self directed study hours are also required but if you're organised and fairly disciplined (traits you'll need to survive as a teacher anyway :D) then you'll be fine.
    I didn't find out about the Flexi course til quite late, so I applied around about this time last year. Then my interview was on 22nd March, got an offer on 25th March, then started on 30th April, with first placement starting first week in June.
    The interviews were fine... very relaxed and casual, but a lot of waiting around. There was a presentation and Q&A about the course, then we were put into a room to do various tests whilst we were then picked out in small groups of 4/5 to do presentations and then later individually for interviews. Literacy test was a short written piece about good teaching practice we had observed (handwriting and spelling/punctuation/grammar all assessed), numeracy was a couple of pages of fairly basic stuff. For the actual interview, they only asked a couple of questions, what were my strengths and why, and what were my weaknesses and why. They're very big on self-development, so acknowledging your weaknesses and how you intend to address them always goes down well... especially since the course requires a lot of self-direction.
    Basically though I spent almost the whole day in the same room with the other candidates, doing our tests around being pulled out for presentations and interviews, and lunch was a bit rubbish so take snacks lol.
    Although the course is fairly flexible to allow for work/parenting commitments, you are in Uni every Friday for the taught part of the course, and then have two days per week in a placement school for the first term and a half.. So June til Christmas. This is ongoing placement to allow you to develop skills before assessed placement starts. If you're on 4 term model, first assessed placement is Spring term (usually a week or two before half term and the rest after - 5 weeks in total Mon-Thurs with Fri in uni), then final assessed placement is Summer term, again around half term and 6 weeks this time Mon-Fri. So those blocks of time can interfere with work commitments.
    Hope this helps.. Feel free to PM me if you have any other questions about the course x
  5. Hi,
    I had my interview on 21st March and have been offered a place =D really excited as it starts so soon although when I rang student finance they said that you can't have a loan for a part itme course =( I am going to book an appointment to see student finance to see if they can help, but paying full tuition fees out of my wages which will be reduced to part time is going to be a struggle. I was just wondering if you had the same problem and if they were any help thanks take care Amy x
  6. *student support
  7. The Flexi PGCE is considered a full time course due to the level of study involved as well as the teaching hours as there is a fairly high proportion of self-study involved on the course. SFE have a separate code for the course. There are potential changes that may mean that Post-Grad ITT will no longer receive any funding, but that won't affect anyone this year, and may take a couple of years to implement if it does go through.

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